What Are You Noticing Around You? By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

Dove of Pece

Hi Everyone!

I posted this question on my TAUK  FB group and on my personal FB page. The responses have been very exciting; which leads me to compile some of these lovely comments and share on my blog. I would LOVE to hear what YOU have noticed recently! Please feel free to comment below. 🙂 I apologize for the funky spacing…Looking at WordPress for other page options. ;-/



I’m wondering if you are noticing things around you being very symbolic or outright evident that we are in The Great Change, The Event. 

Yesterday I woke up from a dream where everyone seemed to know the announcement of star family was imminent. It wasn’t “disclosure” it was simply a raising of awareness to know what always was, NO fear. In the dream I went out to my backyard and in the sky was a huge cloud formation with several symbols. The cloud formation was being seen globally at the same time, be it night or day. On TV they were outlining the symbols so people could see them clearly. I only recall the middle and largest symbol now, it was the Great Dove of Peace, not too far off from the image here.

I drove up to visit my son at university yesterday and he mentioned he had been flipping through radio stations when he came across a conservative, fundamentalist show. The topic was about people feeling that something BIG was about to happen, something that would change everyone.

As I drove home last night, two white doves flew right in front of my car. On the QHHT Forum, which I moderate, myself and 2 others have posted this weekend about QHHT clients having experiences with The Elohim, God, Jesus, The Council of 7. SO, are any of you noticing anything??



~Your stories give me big goose bumps! So cool! I am currently being directed very specifically on my path. This has happened all my life, but it’s very strong right now. It will be interesting to see where it goes. I’m ready, willing, and able!



 ~I‘ve felt SO much energy surging over the past few days. The other night I was walking home close to sunset and suddenly everything shifted. Colors were so bright and vivid like I had never seen before. It literally stopped me in my tracks. As I was trying to comprehend the colors I was seeing a man walked up to me and said “be sure you don’t miss the sunset tonight”. I walked to the edge of the street where I could see the sunset clearly and I felt this wave of love and gratitude fill me so full that I started crying. I was so full that it felt like it was spilling out of me. Dreams have been really vivid and intense again and the energies have been so powerful during my meditations that at times I’ve felt sick to my stomach. I have a very dear friend who’s a clairvoyant and spirit medium. He texted me yesterday to ask if I could do some healing on him. He was at the gym and spontaneously started crying uncontrollably and had to go back home to just release all that was coming up. These eclipse energies are major.



~I had a dream of dark red and black clouds rolling down at about a 30 degree pitch. Hundreds of horseman riding down with the look of battle in their faces. Symbolic but VERY realistic when I had woken up.



 ~I feel wired, like the energy of change is in the air !



 ~i feel it in my bones.



~OH yes!! The energy is moving! The whole weekend I wake up in the nigth with “somebody” whispering strange words in my ear, message I wrote and I know is encoded. Also I have to do some kind of “works” like travel around the city in a circle, and just stay in the now. That was unexpected because I went to the bus back home but I was told to take the bus in oposite direction. I made 2 hours, but finally understand I did make a circuit. And so on…many messages this days.



~Very strong incoming energy last couple of days… excessively tired and sore.



 ~I have been noticing lots of ‘symbols’ in my light photography…and yes, intense feelings are surfacing for me to see and work with…making a change/decision brings a feeling of Angels singing!! as though my guides and star family are cheering me on..Very Blissful! I can hear them… No Fear…only excitement to Be Alive!  Thank You Suzanne for sharing this.. OHH!! early just this morning, I had a dream and saw the same symbols with light flashing in the sky…!!!!



~For me, tears are so “on the surface,” I can only let them flow no matter where or when, but they are tears of joy and deep gratitude. 555 (BIG changes) appearing over and over.
 ~I have never felt so much support and “cheering” going on. Tons of beautiful animal messages also: turkey, blue heron, turkey vulture and hawk most predominantly. It feels as though the entire Universe is “right here” with us!
 ~Yes Suzanne, feeling the very scintillating energies of Light, magnetically drawn to gaze at cloudformations, feeling the Starships and subtle Energy Presences, very Blissy at times, less gravity, floating at times, lovelight
~A vivid dream like I have never had before that is very hard to describe. I will try to write it up so that it is understandable and post it here later.
~Yes!  even just reading your post, I had goosebumps (aka truth bumps) all over 
~as I was just saying to my very special friend ….. many things on the horizon for sure … I am seeing and sensing very differently – have been doing so for a few days now ….. almost like I’m here and there at the same time … does that make sense ??
~I am seeing 1234 alot…….and feeling pressurized. I very easily want to sleep……needing to force myself to function in the middle of the day. I know to release all stagnant energies as I become aware of them. As I said just the other day ‘It feels good to be me today.
 ~Hi Suzanne and Ron. Wonderful Blessings to you both! I am not a QHHT student, but I have had “dreams” the past 2 or 3 days where I am with our Galactic Family members, and we are all sitting around in small groups, at the bottom of a mountain, taking quietly amongst ourselves, while there are ships parked overhead, just sitting there in full view for all to see. Last “dream” I had, I was shown my own ship, a much smaller version of the other ships, and it too was in this dream again.
~There sure is something wonderful going on as my guides are telling me , I feel AAMichael , AARaphael and AAGAbriel’s presence close by.This is amazing , as everything is changing for the better .
~These ships all have an indigo tint to them, and mine also has magenta running ligjts along,ots bottom. There is a definite feel of “everything is completely out in the open” to these “dreams”,and there is no fear in them at all. There is also a feeling of a class, as in there is so much to learn, and there is also a bit of a feeling of reluctance or resistance too, but also a deep sense that this learning is now mandatory, and urgently needed…
 ~I have been going through this for quite some time now. So very aware of my position of introducing ‘them’ to some of ‘us’. My energy is also balancing the flow of the fault lines up and down the Coast here. I have some wonderful Souls who also assist with this. It just has been made very clear to me lately. So much happening!
~555 ~ just about everyday. 444, 333, 11:11 & 111, yesterday it was 8’s and 9’s. My connections have been so clear, the synchronistic signs and conversations are constant. March was intense, April is downright magical. There is no way to ignore that something is happening. Yesterday’s sign was ‘almost there ~ coming home’. One more….this one is pretty awesome….I asked to be taken to the ship during dreamtime for healing. This was sparked after reading a pleadian (sp?) message. I awoke to a star flashing me in a night sky and then I was awake. Felt so good.
~Some of these posts are giving me that electric current.
~I watched the “Cosmos” episode on TV yesterday for the first time, and it is mind-blowing….Love the fact that MSM finally showing mind-expansion programs…
~Yes! And as I was reading the comments I looked at clock and it was 144. Bring on the activations and light. Love to you all. 
 ~I have been having visions of heading out west to the Grand Canyon for downloading for over 6 months now during every meditation! I knew last year things were going to be speeding up the sign of this happening in my visons were the rediscovering or unearthing of several ancient pyramids which seems to be a constant now. Thank you Gaea
~Yes, my life continues to get happier and trippier on a daily basis and I see lots of changes. I have amazing adventures in my dreams. Every night I ask my twin flame, my “man on the other side” (he died 10 years ago) that we go on an adventure together and do good deeds. I have recurring visions of a building with endless hallways and we’re always moving through it. I wake up feeling happy and excited and there is usually a relevant song in my head as Twin Flame was a singer-songwriter. 
My only source of unhappiness and sorrow these days is trying to deal with the nauseating horror I feel when witnessing all the messed up stuff in the world that keeps being exposed. I know it has to come up to be cleansed and changed, but It’s extremely challenging to be happy in a world with so much suffering.
~I got an awesome advice from HS to a client, but I feel it is also for me. HS told her to meditate, and when I asked them to eleborate, they said “keep feet on the ground, sing the same song over and over in your head”. Which song? Any one she likes” I am trying my own favorite songs, this is great way to meditate! Loving it!
~Suzanne, I have been getting similar images but usually they are in the daytime. I agree, the images are not at all like what is being said as “disclosure”. I also study the ancient world history that goes way back to the Land of Mu, Lemurians, and what has been discovered on that front. A far different view than anything I really seen being sent out on the web or blogs. What is coming is huge.
I do want to say that on the trip I just took to OR, there was almost instant recognition of a sister, brother and father of the Lemurian “time frame”. Not only that but there was communication through thought transfer. I feel something BIG is happening or will happen.
~I have been seeing numbers for years now, but in the last couple of weeks it’s every time I look at the clock. I often get 11:11 1:11 3:33 4:44 5:55 and 3:11 4:11 7:11 9:11, and 10:10 12:12 (a lot lately) 11:33 11:44 7:47 9:09 9:19 8:18 8:33 11:33, etc etc. I have also noticed so much synchronicity every day. I have not remembered any substantial dreams lately but I wake up feeling like I was very busy and having significant discussions and meetings of which I remember nothing, just a feeling of having had an important converstaion. Also feel like I am always looking at the sky, and a feeling of impatience when I look at the sky, like “I know you’re there, so just show me already”.  The only other thing is just not sleeping well at night, up in the middle of it, and tired all day, just feeling like I could drop off at any time. And some nausea, and this morning hot and almost feverish. All of this has been going on for so long though that I don’t feel like it’s a huge change right now for me anyway. But the numbers on the clock are constant all day long and every day. Nudge nudge is what those are I think 

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9 Comments on “What Are You Noticing Around You? By Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. the light coming from the sun has gotten very intense lately, I am a sun person and always was able to gaze into the sun with no discomfort. The light is so bright that is no longer possible for me.

  2. Hi, during the day i feel more and more presence of God in me, my life and when im in a bus, cinema or washing the dishies i feel extasy really this takes me over in my head i love this!!! ;pp (when im repeating in my head “everything with God, im surrender to light love and Christ
    consciousness) this is ignition for me, More…..totally safe feeling in body and spirit whatever I’m, my habbit is now beeing between others sending acceptance and love (shopping centers, transport etc.) and many many more experiences….ahh i almost forget it! …..floating in dreams….this most extraordinary 🙂

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  4. Yesterday I experienced being with the Creator of All, feeling love, joy and peace. It was wonderful. Then for 20 minutes or so I sat on a park bench in meditation. I imagined Obama and Putin sitting side by side facing me. We were in a vortex of enlightenment and my intention and message for them was put your heads together and bring calm to the Eukraine/Russia borders. I intend to repeat this meditation again.

  5. Hello Suzanne,

    This is wonderful that you asked this question…I think this is the most important time to be alive within Gaia. I feel so blessed for all of my experiences (good and bad) I’ve gone through, because it has taught me a lot.. My experiences have been increasing for many years and I just feel now as though I am floating. Most of the time I stay within and just remain in silence, because I can feel the changes happening. All around us everything is changing. And the struggle for me is wishing for the people around me to just feel, see to awaken. But, I’ve learned that people have to change on their own time. It feels like I am walking and living on Gaia, but at the same time I am not really here. It is just no words to explain what I am feeling. But filled with so much love and I thank God for blessing me and all on Earth who are here now. This is the time we will come together and bring LOVE into the forefront….:)

    I send my Love and Light to all….


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