The Elohim, a Couple of Nodes & Gandhi ~ A QHHT Session Given By Suzanne Spooner


My QHHT client, Matt has kindly allowed me to share his remarkable session story as well as use his first name. I like to say that every QHHT session is my favorite but this one is and will be a favorite for many years to come! This session changed Matt and myself. I was so blessed to facilitate it and to spend a couple hours chatting with The Elohim, The Ones whom God Speaks Through. I hope you enjoy this and the possibilities it presents. I truly believe reading these words will increase you frequency and vibration. As you may have noticed, I’ve updated the TAUK blog! I hope you find it easier to read and navigate.  Much Love, Suzanne 


He came off the cloud, not on the surface but as “loose” energy. He floated over a house and saw his current wife and kids but in different bodies. It seemed to be back several hundred years. 

He wanted to float higher and saw a black pyramid in the sky. He described an energy that recharged him coming from the pyramid. He then noticed a group of “others” near by. They welcomed him in and were described as The Council of 7, The Elohim, The Ones whom God Speaks Through. We are the voice of the Creator. We are a part of the One. He (Matt) comes from us. This started at 13 min into his session and continued through out. He would sometimes speak in first person but was still very deep. Most of the time this council spoke through him. Towards the end God spoke. My words are in parenthesis.

During his interview he brought up several times that he had this gnawing feeling in his throat and would motion as if he was bringing something up from the base of his throat up and out his mouth. He said it felt like something was there and wouldn’t move. He feels there has been an entity attached to his neck and had gone to a psychic to have it removed. Since then it had been better but still present. As he talked about the “entity” he said it was back, he could feel it. 

The one’s speaking through him said there was so much energy being contained in the throat. “They” said Matt is here to bring love and creativity. They brought up that the he thinks it is an entity. I asked them to explain what it was. Then  Matt exclaims, ” Wow, you (the entity) are me! How is that? I just love him (the entity) now. How can you not love it?” (Lots of pauses and deep breaths here.)

It was the fear of the pain he sees being expressed. That is why he holds on to it in the throat, he doesn’t want to express it. The thing on the neck; the energy took a form and syphoned off, it had to release and it had to take a form to disembody what you are. But it was just him all along. The lesson was to remove the pain from himself. And actually now he is expressing thankfulness for the entity experience. He is now giving it life. 

The Council stated: 

When this one speaks… The time isn’t yet for him to speak. He has such a high capacity of love. The pain in the throat is caused by the pain he sees on earth, he puts it in his throat. But he was sent by this group to talk about love, to personify it, to bring it. His love is so strong that just to breath on you ~you will love bigger, just to talk to him ~you’ll love more, to hear him speak ~ you’ll love deeper. They describe his wife as so pure and that she has fingerprints of Source all over her. o:) 

He will speak these words and the words will mesmerize, it’s like when he speaks he is praying. He just prays the God prayer. There are just layers and layers on his words of energy that just pumps into the planet and they just come in droves of people, to be in the energy. You are everything that you want to be. You are all the layers and the microcosm of every individualized cell of the Creator. You have within you, every spark of the God code inside of you that just travels like a strand of DNA through the web of fabric of light that is everything. It’s the light, it’s the illusion, the matrix. It’s the fabric, he speaks directly to the fabric of reality. And he can change it with the whim of his hand but he won’t because he’s got to believe. 

Update on the planet: He is coming. What Matt wants is coming. (Can you describe that?) It’s beautiful, it’s rest, it’s sparkly sparkles of sparkly light! Joy! Peace & Love! It’s humor, so much to laugh at! Jokes, joy, love and sex! (lol) Just abundance of what you deserve. It is your right! You own this Divine right. 

He begged us to come down. His capacity to love though is so overwhelming he has to shut it down, in the throat. We’re still working on the throat. He needs to feel worthy. He chose to come down here and we begged him not to. (Why did you beg him not to?) Because of the way he wanted to do it. It’s too intense, being in a body, containing all the energy. We wished he would have been just the love, the energy, the intent. We wish he would have come down as pure intent. ( Like the loose energy he came off the cloud experiencing?) Yes, that’s his consciousness. It would have been easier for him to come down like that. It’s stronger, harder this way, with the body. 

That consciousness is not his true consciousness though. If he wants to know that, he has to go to Creator and ask Creator what his true consciousness is. (Can we do that?) Yes, of course. :)

God: His consciousness is purity, joy, it’s deeper than joy. He has no idea what he does! (Explain it to him, please.) He’s elevating by using My joy. You are elevating the entire planet to love each other so I can experience the love. (Big breaths and tears by the client and then he says, “God just thanked me, thanked me.” (We both were just in awe.) And he says now I just have to accept it! He breaths and goes deeper, getting out of his way. He has to know there is no lack. That he, himself is the absolute antithesis of lack. And boy, you will want to be around him when he figures it out! :) 

He is what “the experiment” is suppose to be. (Explain that.) It’s suppose to be the experience of God that fell and he is that personification, that spirit, he is that example of what it should have been. He’s trapped in a frequency that doesn’t let him be it. 

(But that frequency is raising.) You want to know about the frequency. I will tell you about the frequency. It is all encompassing & there is so much love for this place. You want to know where we are, I can feel it. There are 2 places, the higher & lower frequency and what I want is for them to come together. And I don’t know if it will happen but all are trying. They just have to want it. If they were just willing to be willing! They only need that and it will take care of itself. 

(He wants to know what he does in his sleep, is he busier in his sleep stare than is waking state): Some souls are, some are people that don’t go places in their sleep state. There are people that have the soul energy but don’t have self-realized souls. That is part of what you do. By bringing up the frequency, it brings more of their soul into them. And you know these people, I know these people, I LOVE these people but they aren’t wired to know. They are more biological than with soul essence. And then they are part of raising the frequency of the planet, raises more of the individualized experience to be realized. In some senses they are walking dead. And when they die, their essence absorbs into the Source. It’s the way it is. And when their frequency raises, they become individualized. In a sense, you are raising the infinite frequency so more can be realized. 

This is the activation we were talking about earlier. There is light coming in and it turns it on. It comes into the nodes and then it filters through the nodes. You talk to the nodes, that what you do personally (Suzanne). You activate them, you turn them on. (Are the nodes within the people that I talk to or within the matrix of the energy?) Both. You have all the codes. (How can I use them?) It’s just a part of you now. It’s everything you always wanted. You turn it on. Meditate on activating the DNA, the codes are there. Meditate on activating the DNA. You’ll become more conscious of the codes. (Can you explain the nodes?) You are a node and (Matt) is a node. People like you both are nodes. You are like the hub of a bicycle wheel. You are the hub and the spokes attach to the hub. The hub is what gives it the energy, it’s what makes it turn, it makes everything else turn. And you, being the node, expresses outward into the things that attach to that hub. The nodes are nodes of light that are here. They are the ones raising the frequency. You are the nodes, the light bringers, the central pieces that keep the filaments together, so that their vibration can travel throughout the network. Throughout the whole matrix. You just have to choose however you want it to be and accept it. It’s who you are, who the nodes are. 

His consciousness chose to come to bring the depth of joy and love. He needs to accept fully, to become realized, activate. (And how does he activate?) We are activating. (And how will he notice feeling different after this experience?) Everything will be different. He has to pray when it gets overwhelming. He senses everything and everything senses him. In your dimension it’s a curse. In our dimension it’s a blessing. 

On wanting to let go of extra weight ~ It is fear. And he is afraid of being alone and he makes himself bigger, funny how that works! 

He asks about a missing piece of the puzzle, what is it? ~ Acceptance. Gandhi did this. He fully accepted who he was in this human experience. He can ask Gandhi for help, he can assimilate that frequency. 


There was SO much more to this session. I wish you all could have been present. As he spoke the words were very drawn out, emphasized. His body shook with the energy. 

So, here is more about that session and the node download. When the Council was speaking, Matt said the “big one” is the one who speaks. He said he looks like a huge face that had formed out of clouds. So this big one was talking to me and said this: 

You do an activating. You have to turn on the activating. You do this in your work. It’s silver and blue sparkles inside the yellow & white that turn on. (Remind me how I do that, please.) It’s your consciousness. (lots of pauses here as he looked for the words.) You assimilate it into your work. There is an activating you can do through that. In your work, you need to talk to their light. I can show you! (At this point he took my left hand and clasped it with both of his hands and squeezed for a few seconds.) He says you have all the codes now. You have the codes now. There are dots. Not really dots but gold. Not gold color but gold and it’s in the filament. It’s those, when you see in this dimension, the gold looks pure white. But it’s actually a gold and it’s those points (not dots). You have the codes now to talk to those points. And those points are the nodes within the filaments. And when you put what you do in the nodes, it spreads through the filaments and then turns it on. That’s what you do. 

I’ve been in contact with this client since and he says his throat feels like it is glowing! His perception of energy has expanded. Several QHHT practitioners I know have had similar sessions just in the past few days! 

It is time to be awake, activate and do the jobs we came here to do!

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  2. Thank you so much ! There is so much that we don’t even know that we don’t know about! When hearing that the Creator actually spoke to Matt and thanked him personally, it makes one suspect that things may be a whole lot simpler than we think !

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