How to Trust Your Knowing ~ A QHHT Session Recording By Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head of Speaking with Self

Hi Everyone! 

Last week Ron and I were back in the studio for our 21st session of Speaking with Self. We are getting ready to do the first of two live QHHT sessions where I guide Ron to access the Creator/God energy and to answer questions from our audience! Holy cow, this should be fun! 🙂 You can click HERE to go to our Speaking with Self website to listen to the Session 21 recordings. The topic is:  How to Effect Others to Awaken.


At lunch, just prior to this session, Ron expressed concern that while in trance he was filtering the information coming through with his own consciousness. I reassured him that I watch and listen very carefully and have facilitated hundreds of QHHT sessions. I can safely say that he is deeply under and the depth and breadth of information that flows through him in these sessions is authentic. But I told him I would ask again while he was under just to see what God/Creator had to say.


This recording was intended to be just a private question meant for Ron to listen to. But as can happen in these sessions, the answer expanded out to how we all can trust our own inner-knowing. Ron and I thought you might like to listen in! 🙂 It is our sincerest wish that this YouTube clip assists you to trust your own inner-knowing!

If you are in the Des Moines, Iowa area we will be presenting our live QHHT session at Common Thread hosted at Plymouth Church on Thursday, May 1st 2014 at 7pm. HERE is link to the Common Thread blog. 


On evening of Thursday, June 19th 2014 we will also do a live QHHT session at Dolores Cannon’s Transformation Conference in Springdale, Arkansas. Both of these presentations are free and open to the public!


This clip was just brought to my attention by friend, David Cardona. It’s called’ “Happy Makes Pharrell Cry – Tears of Joy. This song is mentioned in our clip and it’s so obvious that Pharrell’s message is pure and filled with HAPPY! 🙂

Much Love,

Suzanne & Ron



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Dolores Cannon’s website: Dolores developed the process of QHHT.



3 Comments on “How to Trust Your Knowing ~ A QHHT Session Recording By Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head of Speaking with Self

  1. Hello EveryOne! I am in such awe of this message and the synchronicity of the information. The song ‘Happy’ started playing on the radio as I was transporting all of my four Grandchildren in my car just this last week. The Grandkids are all under the age of 10…the youngest being three years old. This channelled music started and every, single, one, of the children knew each word and sang their little hearts out as I was literally crying in joy. They had no previous exposure to the music and just opened up and received in love. My Heart was flowing with each of them. Thank You both Ron and Suzanne. Please keep up the good work. It is being received in love, gratitude and amazement. ♡ Lisa and Autumn

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