An Arcturus Council Member Speaks ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you an interesting and entertaining experience that happened recently in a QHHT session I was facilitating. This gentleman client has had an amazing life and had an equally amazing list of questions to ask about in his session. He and I are sharing with you a brief video clip I made in his session. To give understanding though let me start at the beginning of his session.

As we started into the hypnosis he began to describe that he was on a beach with a fleet of strong wooden ships behind him. He was an explorer for the French King and Queen during the middle ages. He quickly began to describe how he “conquered” natives in the name of the king and of the art of exploration. Interestingly he said he only used the word conquered when speaking to the king and people at court; that was how their minds understood his exploration. The way he liked to think about it was that he had peacefully integrated two beautiful societies. ~ My way is a revolutionary way of doing things and everybody seems to think I am at the leading edge (of exploration). I would like to take this and be the model for all exploration forces. Other Explorers’ primitive outlook on things deals with war, fighting and bloodshed. There is no need for that. There can be a new paradigm, a new shift, a new way of doing things and it is through using intelligence. 

Then he began to explain to me a concept of negotiation that was infinitely wise. He stated: I am speaking with the leader (of native group where his fleet landed). The leader has concerns for his people. We are negotiating, figuring out somethings so that we can exist together. I understand what he wants. (How do you communicate?) There are more ways than the verbal. I put myself in his situation, I understand what he needs. I felt what he feels. I am able to connect with him. I am not like other explorers on how they deal with local, primitive people. I have a better vision. I care for them. They have resources we would like to take back but we have but we have much to give them as well; it is a matter of balance. We have things that will make their life better. We have things we have gathered from other countries. We give them ideas about places they never would have known about. We are here to bridge a gap between them and the rest of the world. I need to open his eyes to this vision. He needs to just trust me, open up to me. There will be no problem, no bloodshed. 

Do you normally work in this way?

I do believe my way of this is the best of any explorers. I would say my way is a revolutionary way of doing things and everybody seems to think that I am at the leading edge. I would like to take this and allow this to be the model for all exploration forces going home because their primitive outlook on things deals with fighting, war and bloodshed. There is no need for that. There can be a new paradigm, there can be a new shift, there can be a new way of doing things and it is through using intelligence. I’ve connected with the chief. We have both connected, shall we say, on subconscious levels. He has his own way of tapping into alternate realities and I do as well. We are able to meet. We have developed the same tactics where we communicate telepathically with each other and we are outstanding partners. This would be an incredible model for the world moving forward. We would not be conquering, we would be partnering.

What do you think is at the core of integrating?

Integrating is based on love. Integrating is based on imagining myself being the other person that I must negotiate with, that I must connect with. Understanding their feelings, understanding their emotions. I am connected beyond worlds that any of these people can possibly imagine and it is wonderful. I use it in a very positive ways. They think I am just smart. I am more than smart! 🙂

Where did you learn to be a great leader?

It is born with me. I have it in my genes. I am born to lead. I am born to show the way. I am able to do this by tapping into higher realms of consciousness that come to me and allow me to get greater wisdom and progress in my life. But these are the things that no one else needs to know. 

Tell me how you are connected to these many worlds?

There is light. There is pyramid. There is connection. There is silver light coming to me. I feel that myself in Egypt has connected me and brought me the power to explore; to become the highest level of the me that I can be. I have this power. What I have happens. I see the king, I see royalty, and I see what they need to see before they can even think about what they need.

Nice. So you can supply that before and they feel like they are being taken care of?

Yes! This makes me very happy. This makes me very pleased, this connection to this energy because I realize there is so much more to this. I am benevolence. I am benevolence personified. I can take it into the stars if I so choose. I have that power to go into this light to jump out of this body to jump into stars because I am a star. I am a star being. I am silver. I am All. I am everything.


Unbeknownst to me, he was leading into a part of his session where a wise council member from the Arcturus Constellation. What I was noticing was a shift in his voice and facial expressions. At the very beginning of his session, his voice was like normal. As we delved deeper into the life of the explorer his voice became very exact and proper. Then a very interesting bigger shift occurred. The information started coming through him beyond the life of the French explorer. The voice changed again and dramatically. It was such a shift that I briefly recorded him so that after the session I could show this client his facial expressions in combination to the voice. 

This client’s aspect as the Arcturus Council Member spoke for quite awhile before shifting into another aspect of himself in the Sirius Constellation and then back again to the Arcturus aspect. He has allowed me to show you the clip that I took in his session. I’m hoping to do a part two to this post with some of the amazing information that came from his star aspects. 

How amazing and truly important is it that we ALL carry unique and elevated information with us at all times in our human consciousness. Now is the time for many of us to explore our soul history to move forward and to lift up humanity. QHHT is a beautiful, pure tool to do this! 

I hope you enjoy this beautiful example of his Arcturus energy!

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