The Joy of Taking a Break, Literally by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

I am healing from an accident. If there is one thing I have learned working with Dolores, Julia Cannon and QHHT is that there are NO accidents. And when we feel unwell or something isn’t right within our body, we are not listening to the message the body is sending us.

Dolores Cannon found in her thousands of hypnosis sessions that the body speaks very literally and is a message center telling us if we are on track with our life decisions and purpose. When we are, the body is healthy. When we are not, we develop aches, discomfort, disease and accidents. I’ve seen this in nearly every QHHT session I have conducted. I’ve had clients with asthma, arthritis, cancer, sudden accidents and genetic conditions to name just a few. Each and every time they have a session and reach the part of them that knows everything about their soul history (High Self, Subconscious) It will describe the thought pattern or emotional connection to the body issue. Once the message is delivered there is no reason to sustain the symptoms. If the client is ready to accept how and why they created this situation in their body, redirect the thoughts in a positive way they can instantly heal the body and/or greatly reduce symptoms and speed healing. I witness this all the time!

Last week while I was on vacation with my husband I slipped down carpeted stairs. This resulted in a broken big toe and a strained muscle in my jaw. Ouch. Almost instantly after the stumble, I started to ask myself why I created this scenario. I completely owned it. I almost instantly started to put some ideas together. Yesterday I sat for a TAUK message where my father and God came through to give me perspective on the broken toe and strained muscle. It made perfect sense! I get it! 🙂

So, while I have time with my snazzy new boot accessory I have looked for the positive while my body heals. By not being as mobile as normal I am learning to take time and be still. Meditate more. Re-evaluate my direction, walk with intention and purpose. Be efficient in my activities. Take it easy. I am back on my path and aware. I hope my experience can give you some insight on your own body and your path.

Much Love,


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9 Comments on “The Joy of Taking a Break, Literally by Suzanne Spooner

  1. I suspect you were ambushed by Karma as you swung a kick at your husband whilst berating him (hence pulling a muscle in the jaw area) . It’s often a way to make you slow down and reflect. I hope you heal quickly Suzanne

    • You make me giggle always! It wasn’t quite like that. 🙂 I am slowed down and actually enjoying it! Life is always good and interesting. ❤

  2. WoW a strained muscle in your jaw, a re-jerk action, no doubt a very profound statement of fact in motion. was it a graceful descent. ❤ take care ………

  3. Wow glad that you are ok… ❤️ Understand that message of sometimes we need to slow down… Take care of yourself !!! Sending a HUG & enjoy your resting/healing time! 😍

  4. Thank you, Suzanne! I really needed to hear this message today. You have no idea how much. I have a hurt back and I keep pushing and working through the pain. I need to take some time off for my back to heal. I know it! And I’ll see my doc on Monday. Thanks for passing this message along to me and happy healing to you ❤

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