Message from The Council of Twelve, Channeled by Ann Anderson

Council of Twelve on Radio Ann:

This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello. We are here to say that we are in touch with you even when you cannot feel us. Even on days when you feel disconnected and adrift. Even when your pain body is lit up like a Christmas tree. Even when you are upset and confused. We are always here with a guiding hand and a kind word, even if you cannot seem to locate us or our helping hand. We liken those times to a cloudy day. A cloud can obscure the sun, but the sun is still there, shining above. When the cloud clears away, you think the sun has “come out.” The sun is always out! It is only your own “cloudiness” that prevents you from basking in its rays. The job of light workers is to make each day sunny. This may seem obvious in the very designation “light worker.” However, easier said than done, no?

We are aware that many of you have been experiencing emotional turmoil and physical discomfort. You are all clearing away the clouds – dumping layers of sedimentary karmic and emotional junk that has been your accumulated burden across many incarnations. Think of the benefit of doing this! Is a headache or mild heart palpitation worth divesting yourself of a load you have carried for eons? We certainly think so. We are not trying to be dismissive of your discomfort. We are merely trying to put things in perspective. You, as a group, are becoming lighter and lighter. That is to say, you are producing more and more light. We think that you do sense this underneath the daily struggle. You are growing and your light is growing.

You can see the result of your efforts in the motion of societies worldwide, which are clamoring for a fairer, more just modus operandus. You are experiencing turmoil and change, as is the world at large. Some days will be heady and exhilarating. Some days will bring discouragement. Keep going. Just keep going. Persistence works miracles.

We would like you to apply yourselves to your own growth, the growth of your families, communities, nations. If you want [UFO] disclosure , keep pressing the authorities for it. Do not give up. If you want a fairer political or monetary system, rattle some cages! Keep up your insistence on creating the world you want. You can have anything you want, but some of you are out of manifestation practice. Now is the time. Dust off those skills that many of you have kept under wraps since your lives on Atlantis. You are natural creators. It’s in your toolkit.

So what happens when you dump negativity? You see your assets! They are available for your use. Don’t worry, it’s like riding a bike. You haven’t forgotten how to mold your reality. You’ll get it back, just begin it with your prayer, your imagination, your willingness to dream big. Did you know daydreaming is a form of prayer? You are all master sculptors. Take the clay of your life and make a masterpiece. With confidence in you, our partners in world peace and prosperity, The Council of Twelve.

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