11/28/2011 God Message to All ~You are the imagined perfections of love in a human existence.

My Dear Ones,

You are the imagined perfections of love in a human existence. I know it usually doesn’t seem this way but that is your true origin.


In your decision to incarnate for this life, you, I and your guides sat together to decide what lessons you would experience and who the other souls you would interact with would be. Many scenarios were projected and only the best were chosen. In this choosing were people and events that would ensure your soul’s growth. Not all growth was seen as pleasant but all growth fit within the paradigm of duality and free will. We slipped in soul mates, fun and love to remind you of the reason you are here.


You are here in these unprecedented times to be a witness to the evolution of mankind. You asked to be a teacher, a student, an observer to the elevation of the planets vibration and shift in dimension. Some will be conscious observers, some will remain asleep in their day to day existence. All are connected to the understanding that all are gods & goddesses’ having a singular soul experience.


You receive support for this understanding each time your physical body sleeps or day dreams. It is no coincidence the human body requires sleep. This is your break from third dimensional reality. Aware or not, you are experiencing your true, divine self when you sleep. You have no limitations, no demands; only freedom to Be. This is you being Me. Universally, and even bigger than that, you know this. Be as you are created. Imagine how to mold this life into your dream reality. Trust that you are right where you need to be to learn what you came here for. Live Love Dear Ones.

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