The second Visit with Hirsim~ A QHHT Session with Susan ~ The Life of Hirsim, a man in Ancient Egypt and the Secret Knowledge of the Sphinx, the Library and the Five High Priests

On September 6th, 2012 Susan and I sat for another QHHT Session. We wanted to re-vist her life as Hirsim, see if the information from this session would match the first and see if we could garner new information. It worked like a charm! I’ve also included a little bit of the conversation with her subconscious where I asked for an update with the Shift. I hope you enjoy this journey!


Hirshim: Egypt, approximate year 1340 AD. Second visit.

17 years: (Hirshim) I am at an oasis with my horse. (Suzanne) How do you spend your days? (H) I study. I study words. I have a manuscript that I follow and I can read most of it. (S) What is the information that you are studying? (H) I am studying about the sciences, what goes on in my life, the stars & the moon and how it influences everything. (S) Do you know what your role will be as you get older? (H) Right now, I am taking care of the words.

(S) Can you tell me you go where you go where there are vases in the wall? (H) I go to the Sphinx & I can stan by the front of the paw. Then I just lay down on the paw, until I feel one with the pyramid and then I am just absorbed into it. And then I’m in a room and there are vases that are sitting in the wall. I can only go to certain vases, I cannot go to all of them. But in them they have paper, special paper that has been in there for a long, long time. Nothing ever happens to it. I am able to read, you know, like a map or words or things like that are inside the vases. (S) How many vases do you have access to now? (H) Only one, the first one. (S) What information have you seen in that vase? (H) There is a map in there and it has different places under the pyramid where you can go. Different tunnels, pathways that go under the pyramid. And they give some information like doorways and things like that. And also, the floor where I am sitting at has numbers on it and with the map, it corresponds with the sun & the moon and when they come in, when the moon is at the highest, it will come in and shine on a certain number and then you can look at the number on the map and it will tell you where it can go next. But only when the moon shines on that number. (S) Are there others that do the same thing that you do? (H) I think so. I can see the sand on the floor has moved around a bit but I don’t know who they are.

(S) So when the moon is bright & high and the light shines on a certain number and the map tells you to go to a certain door, what have you found in that room? (H)Well it shines on the number on the floor and then I go to my map and when it shines on the number 5, I can go to a room here on my right that is in the corner there. I can just stand in front of that corner and I don’t know how to say it but it feels like I am just absorbed into there. I can go down this tunnel, and from here I can see there is a bigger room down there and I can go in there. It’s dark in here, I’m having a hard time seeing here. But they tell me if I use my power, my power-source, it can make my eyes see. I can see in the dark. (S) Can you do that now? (H) I’m bringing my power-source up to my navel, I’m bring the energy to my navel and this makes my eyes see and this turns it a red color. I can see a round room, kinda dome shaped. It goes up in the middle there are steps that go up there and I’m told to sit there. I can feel the vibration, I can feel the energy coming from both directions. I can feel it coming from the rock and from the dome, coming down into my head. I’m just receiving all of this energy. It just tingles throughout my whole body. I’m not sure of the purpose but it feels so good. (S) Does it feel like you are receiving information? (H) Yes. It’s like all kind of things are being done, it’s going through all my cells and I’m being healed, all kinds of information is coming. (S) Why do you think you have access to this? (H) They told me I need this but I’m not sure why I need this. (S) Do you know who ‘they’ are? (H) No, just voices that I hear.

Hirshim 33 years old:

(Suzanne) How do you spend your time during the day, what is your job? (Hirshim) I take care of the books. We have books in a big room where we write out the words in these books, we copy, we have many that we have out, and we have some people that copy the words. (S) Why do they copy the words? (H) So we can have another book that we keep up front and another book that we keep in the back. We’re writing down the words. (S) What would be the purpose of having a duplicate? (H) So we can take these someplace else so others can see them. The books are very important to us and we want to make sure nothing happens to them. (S) What topics do these books cover? (H) The are the sciences, the moon & the stars. Some people will take the books and add to them what they have observed. They write about the different seasons and what we grow here, what we do. We have all this information here.

(S) Do you still go into the room where the vases are? (H) Yes. I go as I am called to go back. I go there on the paw (of the Sphinx) but if I am not absorbed,I know it is not my time to go in there. (S) What does it feel like to be absorbed? (H)It just feels like I am melted into it, my body is just moved into there. Just like I have fallen asleep and melted right into the paw. (S)Then when you come back out to the outside, how is that process done? (H) I sit on the floor and I close my eyes and I just go to sleep and the next thing I know I am  back outside on the paw.

(S) And so now, at the age of 33 can you look at more than one of the vases? (H) Yes, I have seen the second one. (S) How does the information from the second one differ than the first one? (H) It has more information about another room I can go into. It has more information with the numbers on the floor. The first one was 5 and now this one is 3. (S) And is it the same scenario where the full moon shines and you can see the number? (H) Yes. (S) What happens when you are in room number 3? (H) In this one it’s different. Its like if you held out your hands, so they ‘cup’, I was sitting in a shallow bowl. But the ‘bowl’ is carved out like hands. So it is quite large, this bowl and carved as if they are two hands cupped. It is so full of love and I sit there and it is like sitting in the hands of God, just a loving presence. I sit there and just absorb all of this love.

(S) Do you know why you are one chosen to have this experience of being absorbed into the Sphinx and accessing the information of the vases? (H) I know that I am one, when ‘they’ feel I am to be restored, the hands are there and I receive more knowledge. I sit on a little mound where the energy comes in.

(S)This is in the Great Pyramid (trying to trick Hirshim). (H) No, this is in the Sphinx. (S) Tell me about who is the leader or Pharaohs at this time? (H) I know he has  really big nose! People make fun of him but we can’t have that, he’s the Pharaoh. (S) Is he a good ruler? (H) He appears to be, I want to say this nicely. He appears to be on the outside, like someone who has our interest. But I don’t know if he does or not. (S) Does he know about the High Priests? (H) Well, the Pharaoh doesn’t know what I know. And so I try not to be anywhere near him, because I can see things that he does not know I can see. But I know that he is what you would call a puppet. And there are others that are powerful that use him. That is why I say he appears to be a good ruler. But the things that he’s doing, I don’t know if he is able to help himself. And he seems to be doing what they (Five High Priests) want him to do. (S) Like they are manipulating him? (H) Yes. that is what they are doing. (S) And do they work only with this leader or are there others that they work with? (H) This is the only one that I know of but I am sure that they are in all parts. They are in all parts where there is land that we do not know of, but they are there.  They are trying  to get things done. (S) For their benefit or for the benefit of humanity? (H) It’s for their benefit. They want us to bring in a certain amount of our money or what we make and give this to them.. (S) Like a share of your earnings? (H) Yes. The Pharaoh is telling the people that it will be for their good because it will help them out or the total good of all. And the people believe it. They believe it will be stored away for a brief time, that is what the people think.

(S) We are going to move into the last year in the life of Hirshim. What do you see? (H) Some kind of a rooster looking bird that is just going crazy. His feathers are all out and he’s jumping around making a lot of noise. I’m looking around because he’s rattled by something. (S) Can you see what he’s rattled about? (H) There’s some dust coming up. Like a big cloud of dust coming our way. Might be a dust storm…There looks like there are people. They are riding their horses. There are a lot of them! They are coming into our village and they have metal masks on. They are coming with shields, they mean to harm us. I am running into the big room where the books are. I’m telling everybody to get out! Just run! (S) Do you know where these soldiers come from? (H)I don’t know. They have all this metal on them. (S) How old are you now? (H) I am 45. I am going into the back room where we keep the original books. Out front is where the copies are. Maybe they won’t find this secret room. There is a secret door into this room, maybe they won’t find it. I have a very heavy piece of wood that I can slide into the metal that holds it shut. But I can smell smoke now. It’s coming under the door now. They’re burning everything. (S) Now at any point if you are physically feeling anything, you can just observe the scene. (H) The room is full of smoke. I can see them going through the whole village. They’re all gone! They wiped out the whole village.

(S) Now at this point in time of your life, do you have an understanding of those High Priests? (H) I know that they are very powerful and they know how to do things that we can only imagine. They have been taught for so, so long. They are very evolved in what they do. They can influence somebody from far away. they can make another person do things, as long as they have the right person, someone who is easy. Easy in that their mind is not set yet, they can be influenced. They can go through people and figure out which ones are easy to influence and mold. That way they can help get that person into a place of power and then use them to do things. And then they wonder, “Why did I do that? That was kinda crazy.” The High Priests can come to them in dreams, they have all different ways to coerce them into doing things that are in the greater good of the High Priests. (S) And how many High Priests are there? (Just checking again) (H) There are five of them. (S) Do they help each other? (H) There is one that is higher in rank above the other four. They do work together but the one is able to also manipulate the other four. The game plan is to take over the Earth. (S) Where did they originate from? (H) When I ask that question, I am told they came from Atlantis.

(S) And when they are finished with a physical life then what? (H) They are able to go right into another life, able to pick out the next life to reincarnate. They are very evolved. (S) So in the present time of the year 2012, are there any of them walking the Earth? (H) Yes, they are. (S) All five? (H) When I ask, I get yes, all five are on the Earth in 2012. (S) How are they influencing the Earth right now? (H) They are able to go to people that have the intent of greed, and that person may not think they are greedy but they are, and the priests are able to influence them into doing things to a company or to politics. (S) How does their energy balance or interact with Source energy? (H) The priests think that they are equal but they are not (said in a whisper). (S) So do they use the aspect of free will? (H) Yes, that is how they get the person to do it. The person thinks it is their idea. They put the seed into their mind  like, here is how you can make several million dollars. And the person thinks they have just had a  great idea. (S) Then how does that benefit the priests? (H) The priests want to have all power, all the money so they can control everything. (S) So would the priest’s be what some call the Illuminati? (H) That’s another name, same thing.

With Susan’s Subconscious (86 min mark)

(S) Now we are in the month of September, 2012. Is there any new information that you would like to share? (SC) We are being watched so closely by everybody,  those in the sky, everybody is watching and observing. There isn’t an eyelash that flickers that they don’t know about and they are studying us, watching us and so wishing they could just do it for us. But they know they can’t do this for us. They are just a loving presence watching us, just weaving in and out. (S) Who are ‘They’? (SC) We’ve got the people in spaceships, the ET’s. We’ve got the angels, we have the whole realm watching us. We have other planets that are watching out of curiosity. We are just so monitored right now. Every one of them is just so grateful for what we are doing, what we are accomplishing. They are with us every step of the way. (S) As far as the Earth, how it’s progressing into the 4th & 5th dimension? (SC) Right now I can see a shield that’s above us. The colors are changing, as our vibrations change our colors change. I see what they are seeing. It’s a deep, mauve color, changing brighter and glowing, some are purple. I call it a shield, but it is actually a very, very thin shield. That is what we actually are coming up to closer & closer and pretty soon we will be right up to it. If you blew up a balloon and the walls are so thin? That is what it looks like.


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  1. Thank you Susan(s!!) (-_^). This sure sounds all very familiar and close to home! I have very similar memories also <3. Reblogged 🙂

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  3. Wonderful!! This “arrived” for me immediately after I watched a video on discovering tunnels under a tomb in Egypt 🙂

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