A QHHT Session with Susan: The Life of Hirsim, a man in Ancient Egypt and the Secret Knowledge of the Sphinx, the Library and the Five High Priests

During a QHHT session on August 11th, 2012 I took my friend, Susan Thomas, back to a life in Ancient Egypt. She was a young man named Hirsim. As the conversation continued, he explained how he had access to secret rooms and knowledge within The Sphinx. He explained, as we took him to later times in that life how his job had become an overseer to a library where he and others copied books and stored these copies in a secret chamber. He also began a conversation about five High Priests who had unusual gifts. His purpose in this life seems to be a keeper of the knowledge. Here is that first session with Hirsim. 

Hirsim: Egypt. First visit.

(Suzanne) Can you describe what you are seeing? (Hirsim) I am standing in front of the pyramids, I am by the Sphinx. (S) Can you see your feet? (H) Yes, I have dark feet & I am a young male. I have some kind of shorts on and the top is really loose, very fine, white silky fabric. (S) And you are standing in front of the Sphinx? Tell me about the Sphinx, what do you know about it? (H)I have been standing here for a long time, my feet are in the sand and my hands are on my hips. I know he has secrets to tell me and I know that I can go in there. I like to crawl all over him. I feel a vibration when I am on him, so I know that there is something there. Something more than just stone. 

(S) Can you go inside of the Sphinx? (H) That is what I am trying to do. I know that if I lay on him, pretty soon there will be a crack and it’s like I am absorbed right into him. First I see a crack, and then I am gone, I am inside. (S) What does it look like now? (H) I am in a big room. A sandy red room, kind of granite like. And the sun is coming through very tiny slits and the sun is bouncing off the other wall. And there are urns inside and there is a tall one in the middle and one to each side and one to each side of that one. There are five urns. They are black, shiny stone.  I am sitting in front of them  and looking at them. And I can go up to one of them but I can only go up to this one and touch it. It is the one farthest to the right and it is like they are built right into the wall, Like a shelf. I can get this one out and I am very, very careful. I take off this cork from the top. Inside there are papers, I am going to get them out, I am spreading them out. The paper is almost like cloth and they have been in there for a long, long time but they are not discolored. there is red and other colors on it and symbols. It looks like a map.

 (S) Can you read that map? (H) It looks like a map of where I live. There are little footstep pictures on it. Like there is a trail to where people have come into here. And then there are some lines on it. There is some little gold emblems on it over here. I can study this map, can’t take it out of here but I can study it here. There are little birds up here.

(S)Who is telling you to study this? (H) I’m just hearing this in my head, they are telling me I can study it. (S) Do others come into the Sphinx like you do? (H) Yes, but only the ones who are allowed. No one else can find this room. They have tried but they cannot find it.

(S)Is there a name for this room? (H) This is the Antie (spelled phonetically) room. (S) What is so special about this room? (H) In the vases (urns) are the secrets that are kept in this room that many priests have tried to get to, this is where they have been able to keep them safe. The priests know about them and that they think they have destroyed them all but they are kept in here. The priests that rule the world, they don’t know that they have been kept and protected.

(S) I suppose their vibration or frequency would not allow them access? (H) They are not allowed in here, they would not be allowed in here, it is protected. But when I was outside, looking at the Sphinx, we had contact with each other. We were able to communicate with each other. And I knew there is a special place where I lay down on it and when I feel the vibration, the crack opens and I can go in. I’m just to remember what this says (information from the vase) because I will be able to use this later and at another time, when it is the right time, it will let  me know to come down here and then I can open up the next one. And then I will go to the one on the very left, and then the next one to that and only at the very end I am able to open up that one (Vase in the middle). I’m putting the papers back into the vase and setting it back in its place. And I am thanking them that they opened up to me. And I pull out some of my hair and I lay it there so that it has some of my vibration now.

(S)What was the message in the first vase? (H)It had a path laid out for me. I know I have it in my mind and when the time comes, I will have it in my mind. I will know what to do.

Now Going 10 years ahead in this life:

(S)What do you see? (H) I’m sitting in front of this building. It has doors to it that look metal and they are very ornate. They open from the middle and they are huge! I’m looking at the architecture and just marveling at the beauty. There is a carved knob. I’m going in. The floor is marble, just a beautiful building. It’s a library with all kinds of books. This is my job, this is where I work, it’s the library. I keep all the books. There are people in here making copies and when they are done, I take them and put them away. What we are doing is storing the duplicates in the back. There is a secret chamber in the back and others don’t know that we are keeping duplicates in the back. We don’t want the High Priest to know they are here. He comes to the library once in awhile. He takes the books and doesn’t return them. He seems to know how many books we have out front, he comes with a group of people. They will stand and count so we have to be careful to leave just the right amount of books.

Going to an important day in this life:

(S)Do you still visit the Sphinx? Do you still go inside? (H) Yes (with some hesitancy like he didn’t know if he could trust me). And some of what I have seen inside, I don’t write it down, it’s all in my head. But I worry if something happens to me what will happen to the knowledge? Last time I was there I asked if it was ok to copy down what was in the vases and put it in the back room of the library but I am not able to that. So far, I have been in  two vases. (S) What new information is in the second vase? (H)The second gave me the stars and the constellations and the dates of when things will line up and new rooms will open up under the Sphinx for me to look at. Then I can come back to look at the stars and when they line up in a special pattern, I can come back to the Sphinx at night and I will be allowed into other rooms. That hasn’t happened yet, the alignment, so I am waiting for that time.

(S)Where does this information come from that is in the vases? (H) I have been told it was not from our world, that it was from another world. They are the ones who put this information in.

(S)Do you know who is in power now? (H) There is a Pharaoh but I know he is not the true ruler, that he is just like a puppet. The High Priest is actually the ruler but nobody knows this.  The Pharaoh just wants to please the High Priest. And the High Priest can talk to the Pharaoh telepathically and he can also manipulate the Pharaoh into doing things that the High Priest wants done. (S) So this isn’t what you would call a ‘good’ priest,not doing things to benefit the people. (H) No, he is very much wants to control the world. And he can pretty much control who the Pharaoh was, he wants somebody whom he can control. The people think the Pharaoh is the ruler but the High Priest is.  The Pharaoh has people who protect him but the High Priest doesn’t need protection because the people don’t know who he is! He can walk amongst the people and people don’t know him. He is so strong telepathically, he is so above everyone else.

(S)Is he of this Earth? (H) Yes, he is of this Earth but he was taught from ones that are not of this Earth and he was taught good. But then he found out how much power he could have by going on his own and massing all this power. But he already had his free will and had the knowledge of what to do. This High Priest has been in power for a long, long time. There have been five High Priests so far. They have been spread over the world. They are able to reincarnate and go into the next life, they are so highly evolved.

(S) Are any of those Priests living in our current time? (H) Yes. (S) Do you recognize them? (H) I don’t recognize them. The thing to watch out for is they don’t need protection. The President is protected, needs that protection. This person has freedom, he can roam. He can wander because nobody knows his true identity. (S) Do these current High Priests try to influence world leaders? (H) Yes, they try to do this.

Moving to the last day in the life of Hirsim. 

(S) What do you see? (H) There are a bunch of men on horseback that are coming to the library. They mean to do harm. I am telling everyone to run away, go home and protect their families. But most stay to protect the books. They are staying in front, trying to keep them away from the back, from the sealed off room. We have no weapons we have paper, ink. We are telling them to take the books and go but they are going to burn the library. But we have built the secret room with brick so hopefully those of us in the back and the books will be safe. Now there is smoke and its getting so hot. All the books are up inflames, they have myself and the workers against the wall.  Now it is getting too hot and they won’t let us leave. They say, “Burn with your books, burn with your damn books.” (S) And these men were sent by the High Priest? (H) Yes, they have tossed their wooden spears with fire tips, all is in flames.

(S) Now what ever has happened has happened and you are on the spirit side. Every life has lessons and a purpose. What lessons did you learn as Hirsim? (H)The telepathic learning of listening and following your instinct and doing what you are told and carrying out those messages. Feeling the vibration while I was at the Sphinx and being shown the secrets and carrying out the duties and writing out the books that would be saved. That was the lesson, being dutiful and putting the knowledge into print to save those messages and to carry those others in my heart.

(S) What was the purpose in that life? (H) Listening to my heart and following my intuition all through my life and I didn’t need anything else but that. There was reward every day to go to work and to be with the energy in the words. That will carry through to her current life, the energy and the words. Thats coming from past lives that the words were re-written and into another life and another life. And these were the exact same words that were written and saved from the fire. The ones who wrote those words down, to be kept in the secret room, those words were transcribed into their hearts and each time it came out in a different way but it was exactly the same message.

* The second visit with Hirsim will be posted soon. 

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  2. Brilliant. Don’t miss this.
    Many years ago a very close friend had a dramatic and vivid vision of being taken into the secret chambers under the great pyramid. In there were not only records from Atlantis and Lemuria but devices for teleportation and all manner of wondrous things brought from the Lost Continents before they were submerged.
    I was told by the Galactics, and have seen confirmed in many books, that buried and protected under the pyramid is a large mothership. It will come to light in the days after Ascension.

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