A QHHT Session where the Client’s Deceased Son Visits Her and then Speaks Directly to Us ~ November 19, 2012

~ With great gratitude, this sweet client has allowed me to share this amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session with you. 
Yesterday I had such a unique, (is there any session that is normal?) QHHT session! Let me give you some background. This was the clients 2nd visit to me. First was a few weeks ago.  In her interview she rattled off tragedy after tragedy with very little emotion, almost like reading a recipe. Death of her son, death of her mother and brother, being shipped across the country as a young girl to family she didn’t know.  She won’t label her physical issue, MS, but uses a walking stick and had severe back pain and all over body pain for as long as she can remember.
We didn’t seem to get her very deep, couldn’t get her to a past life, just in the colors, explored this awhile, tried to get her subconscious (SC) to come through, no go. Finally asked for a key word to use next time to get her relaxed deeper and counted her out.
We both felt sad that she didn’t have the ‘full’ QHHT experience. We decided to try again after I returned from Arkansas. She did note as she was walking out to her car, that her back felt better and she had a small rash on her chest that wasn’t there prior to her session.
Yesterday we met up again and she reported that for 2 weeks following the first appointment she was pain free! She then re-injured her back but other body pain had remained gone. She said the relief from the pain had been life altering. (Hooray!) I sat with new determination to assist her. She easily went deep into a very relaxed state.
She came off a ‘shuttle capsule’ to a place that she called a viewing room. As she looked out through a glass window she saw a green field with other people. Then her son, who had passed as a teen, came up to the window! They couldn’t ‘talk’ but communicated by bringing their palms up to the window and were ‘sharing love’. She spent time and sent messages back and forth telepathically. This was so beautiful to witness. She was taken to a house next where she was in a van, watching people in the driveway. She had the thought that she was holding no judgement over these people and that was a very big lesson she has learned in this life. Then, her son’s essence came through the drivers window and ‘sat’ on her lap! He was showing her that he can be with her in many forms of energy now.  She ‘saw’ her brother who who had passed as a teenager and her mother who also died when the client was young.
She then was moved to a place where she said it was just infinite space with swirling clouds around her. She eventually was placed on one of these clouds and said it felt like standing on 7-Up!! Very bubbly and effervescent. She said she wasn’t sure what was going on but that her physical body was feeling better!
I then brought forth the SC and asked why she was shown the viewing room scene with her son. This was shown so she would know where he was and that he was with her. At that point she says, ” What she didn’t understand was that I was on my journey and things that happened had to happen.” I wasn’t sure what was going on but asked, “Is Ben (her deceased son) here, too?” and received, yes.  I asked if there was something he would like to say to his mom and he said this, “Yes, I want her to understand I was on a journey and it wasn’t her journey. I had to do what I had to do. There was absolutely nothing that she could have done to make this different. I then asked what the viewing room was like from his perspective. “We were sharing love and I am All love. I came down here in love. I was love. My mom didn’t come down here like that, she needed to learn love. It was my job to come down here and teach her that. It wasn’t easy to teach her that!  I fulfilled my purpose.”   ~ WOW! That was powerful!
Her SC came through then and explained the swirling clouds and effervescent experience was to show her that there is a place that we go after death and it is beautiful, safe and loving. We asked for an understanding on her unsteadiness, limp & body pain.  It said they needed to ‘slow her down!’ This was a way to get her to slow down and go ‘within’. She simply couldn’t zip around in a whirlwind as she surly would do in a healthy body. I told the SC that it seemed she was making great headway into her awakening and that we would now like her body to be healthy and move with grace. It agreed and said repairs were underway. That the physical healing would take a bit because the nerves had been damaged over a long period of time but all would be repaired. It also said the emotional/spiritual healing was also part of the physical and that it needed to work on the heart. Her SC explained that at the first visit, she wasn’t ready for any more than what occurred but that the healing was done to show her this works and this time she was ready.(Big happy sigh!) (Double thank you Dolores and Julia Cannon for sharing this amazing process of QHHT!)
After she was counted out and we chatted and sat in amazement of what had happened, I walked with her out of my building. As she got to her car she turned around and said, “You know, I already feel better!” I felt like I was walking on her swirling, bubbly 7-Up clouds!

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