“The Event” Part 2 ~ From Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head of Speaking with Self

Hi Everyone!

Ron and I had our 10th QHHT session this week for our Speaking with Self website this week. “The Event” YouTube clip that came from our 9th session has generated some interest, thank you for sharing the message!

So, as we began the 10th session, I knew we would touch base on that topic but of course, wasn’t sure where it would go. I, like a lot of you, want to know MORE! 🙂 I kept asking questions. At one point I felt as if I was getting in God’s face wanting more details. God replies, “Do you want me to sum it up in one sentence?” YES!! Unless of course you would like to continue longer!! LOL.

So here is Part 2 of The Event! I don’t foresee this being a weekly update but we shall see. The topic of this weeks session was Portals, Imagination and Togetherness.

I had received some TAUK messages this past week on disclosure, Obama, etc. I wasn’t expecting this topic to come up and was quite surprised. I’m not putting this information out as people can get a little unhinged on this topic. I will always put my energy out though that the possibilities and probabilities of someday..soon..meeting our galactic neighbors officially will commence. We do touch this topic in Session 10, HERE. 

Thank you for sharing and adding your energy to the greatest show on Earth! Ron and I hope you enjoy this recording.

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13 Comments on ““The Event” Part 2 ~ From Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head of Speaking with Self

  1. I have used several times psychic called Saryon who is really good and I personally think that when time is right for him, he will be known widely.
    Anyway, after session 9 that talked about Event I emailed him and asked him if he has heard anything about the Event, and he confirmed that he has. He told me he knows little more about it then average and that he has written a book that is talking more about that Event but he is waiting for the right time to publish it, apparently his guides have told him it is not time yet. And about when it will happen he said that he hopes he can publish the book next summer and he is under the impression that there will be few years between published book and event itself.
    So basically the Event IS coming, but not in next 2 or so years yet.

  2. Hi Suzanne , is this event different from the light that we experience at the moment that wraps around you and makes you feel momentarily ecstatic ? I wonder if this could be clarified at some point. I ask because although wonderful at the time it is only momentary and can’t be sustained other than in memory and attitude.

  3. The last session states that ‘no one’ will be able to deny what has transpired regarding the event; this session states that ‘some’ will deny what has happened or may not even feel it. ????

  4. Thank you for this, it’s something very special for us.
    Oh how I wish you’d reveal the disclosure Obama info too … 😉

  5. Hello. I have followed this blog for some time and found it quite helpful to my journey but this topic regarding an “Event” compels me to comment.

    In January of 2011, I experienced an “Event” almost identical to what has been described in this recording. It was life altering to say the very least. I was not consciously prepared for or even seeking this phenomena as I was then unaware of any notions of shifting consciousness, Mayan calendar, new age, etc. Nonetheless, what occurred slingshotted me into a new way of seeing the world that eventually led me here but definitely changed me at levels I am still discovering.

    I feel led to share as maybe someone will find this information beneficial.

    The “event” was like a climax of what I now understand has been going on for lifetimes, but in this case began to “speed up” around July 2009. I began to suddenly “know” things for which I had no evidence for, but I was somehow CERTAIN that they were true. Information on technologies, other beings, how nature works at many levels including the non-physical, etc. If I had a thought, no matter how “unusual”, I would have a salient, cogent, succinct answer almost immediately. This “speed” of information caused my still reactive physical self to want to keep up which caused increasing concern from my family who were aware of the amazing wisdoms and insights being “downloaded” but was not sure how it was affecting me. The “speed” increased at breakneck speed – because I was naive as to the need and process for tempering it – clear through January of 2011 when it seemingly culminated in a more visceral experience wherein I experienced the most amazing fully embracing love that can be imagined!!! I was suddenly aware of the reality that I was loved unlike anything I could imagine. The word “love” is actually inadequate as was any attempt to express it verbally and as such I could do little more than fall to the floor in tears of something akin to something higher than bliss!!!!!! I went into an ecstatic fit of excitement trying to explain the unexplainable and further concerned those who loved me dearly but couldn’t begin to imagine what I was going through. Over the next four days used my heightened “connection” to higher intelligence to probe everything I could learn about what this experience was because the only thing my mind could equate it to was being “born again” in the Christian sense. I began to find myself thrust into multidimensional physical realities wherein multiple timelines and realities where physically visible and accessible to me while experiencing the parallel nature of each. It was like I could sense that there was “One” signal coming from the All that was being interpreted in an infinite number of ways in these parallel realities.

    There’s so much more to this, but out of respect for this blog I will close close. The aftermath became more than my logical brain could process and I experienced a bit of an energetic “blowout” that I was able to heal with the help of a Shamanic healer who helped me to balance and learn to manage being open to the ALL while not trying to eat it all in one fail swoop! I honestly just didn’t know any better but had a childlike curiosity that didn’t want to take a break because I was afraid I’d lose it. Well I didn’t lose “it”, and I won’t, but what happened changed me in ways that still amaze me. I can only say that for me, being able to “know” an infinite permutation of choices thrusted me out of dualism and limitation into a quantum reality that I makes life much more interesting. Who says there is not “space between space”? Dr. Who would say we all “bigger on the inside!” (smile)

    I understand that there are “waves” of shifts that move us at different moments. There were those who experienced this prior to me such that when I experienced it, I was able to refer to their writings, videos and words for a frame of reference. Not all have or will approach the shift from the same perspective – I was staunchly logical with a dominant masculine energy that served me well as a female corporate executive but failed miserably at welcoming in the feminine energy of this shift, so I had challenges and major adjustments. But my journey called for that. What I can say for sure, is that we will all experience exactly what we require at which moment we require.


    • HI Angelrisen,
      Thank you for that beautiful description of your experience. Both Ron and I are hearing from others who are having similar experiences! Thank you for taking the time to post your comment. It is much appreciated!

  6. Susan, you could never come off as bossy, unless you really tried… I love your demeanor and how humble you are! Oh by the way the TAUK special I ordered is fantastic… I have received several sentences thus far and I am excited about my development. So much love to you and yours for all you do!
    Namaste, Hankii

    • Hi Henry!

      That is awesome! Thank you for the update on your TAUK journey! Sending so much love to you and your messages. Have fun!!


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