Ann Anderson and The Council of Twelve ~ The Importance of Grounding Oneself ~ 2/9/12


‎[Hello. This is Ann. Anybody here?]

Yes. We are here. We are the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello to you this fine day and how are you?

[I am fine. How are you?]

We are fine and dandy. We like that expression. It suits us fine and dandy. What would you like to talk about? 

[Well, how about new age craziness? The tendency to buy into any theory no matter how preposterous.]

Yes, there’s a lot of that going around. People are mistrustful, so they believe nothing and everything. It’s hard to have discernment when there’s no solid touchstone for the truth. Truth is not entirely relative. There are some things that are beyond dispute, but we’ve noticed that even baseline reality is up for discussion.

All we can say is that it’s best to ignore what irritates you. Not everyone has the capacity to reason and analyze. Few people know how to think. It’s a skill set, thinking analytically. Not everything should be left up to intuition. God gave you the wit to think! It’s there for your use, the human brain. It’s not negligible. Be thoughtful. Think things through.

There is no cabal capable of engineering all the plots and conspiracies attributed to them. [Like the comment the other day about Hilary being a clone?]

Hilary Clinton is not a clone. She is a hardworking public servant with whom you may or may not agree, but more than that, she is not autonomous. She is carrying out the programs and policies of her employer, the Obama administration.

There is far less organization on your planet than many people think. Sometimes things go badly for all the usual reasons: bad planning, ill-conceived ideas, lack of follow-through, personality clashes. The world is a glorious canvas of wonders. It is also extremely mundane, and many of the goings-on that are attributed to vast conspiracies are just the usual bureaucratic screw ups.

Keep it simple. Look for facts. If you don’t have facts, don’t assume them. And remember that you cannot prove a negative. Does that help?

[Well, I already think that way. Should I post this?]


[Okay, I will. Anything else? A closing comment?]

Stay balanced in all you do, including organizing your concept of the world. Stay sane. Be happy. Be heart centered, but use your wonderful brains. –The Council.

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