Part Two of My Session and The Council of Twelve; Assistance to Other QHHT Practitioners and to Light Workers

From Suzanne: This part of my session dealt primarily with giving suggestions to other QHHT practitioners but I think any light worker could utilize this information, whatever their modality.

Session with “The Council of Twelve”… Part II

With Suzanne Spooner (client), Sherri Mack (practitioner), & Kaela Carter (observer).  At QHHT Level II class in Rogers, AR, fall 2012.

Kaela joins in the conversation, asking for advice & support in accessing the SC.

Council of Twelve (C12):  We connect with you the energy of knowing that you ALWAYS have us. And when you sit in your sessions, you just call us in before your client gets there.

Sherri:  Council of Twelve?

C12:  Council of Twelve…Council of Twelve-hundred… (we all giggle).  J  We fit in a small room. (more giggles).  And we are there for all of you.

K:  How come sometimes it’s harder to bring you through certain clients…

C12:  Well it’s their free will. (chuckles.) You’re not dealing with a blank slate.  So, it’s their free will.  But, let me insert… when the practitioner has a scant doubt of their ability, it taints the “water”.  It’s like a drop of food coloring going into a body of water.  It may be a minimal blip, but it definitely changes the vibration & the frequency.  So to be the best conduit, do WHATEVER you need to do to feel that you have every tool available to you to assist your client to have EXACTLY the experience that they need to have, regardless of the outcome.  When you let go of that, you will be assisting them to let go on a higher level.

SH:  And just trust fully in the process

C12:  It’s a good process!  J

Kaela asks next about why certain practitioners have success accessing the “higher beings”, compared to others… something along these lines.  Here’s the Council’s response:

C12:  Ok, here’s why.  There’s a very analytical side to your experience (addressed to Kaela, AND other LEFT-BRAINED practitioners!!!  Hee hee!), which serves its purpose in a beautiful and grand manor.  When you come into this experience, as practitioner, you shift your belief that your sole purpose in that space and time is to be an open conduit of energy to support the client and the greater collective, and that is all.  And in using your vessel in this… fine manor, you will have the opportunity to have the sessions with your clients that you seek.

And as you go back & gather with your group, (whispering, with much love in her voice) we want you to take a second and gaze over those magnificent souls that have joined you.  And give so much gratitude for EVERY obstacle you had to overcome, to not just be in the Level I class, but to be in this Level II class, to come together as a group.  Because this group is one that could gather in a room for three days, and say nothing, and move mountains!  So we say Job Well Done!  The power of the group is immense.

SH:  Anything more to add about the activation of the crystal bed under this land?

C12:  No, you have done your job.

SH:  And what will that activation… what will that affect?

C12:  The whole entire Cosmos.  It’s not a small job!  (chuckle)

SH:  The shift is upon us… the date of the alignment… (Speaking of the celestial alignment on the winter solstice)…these types of things…is there anything to share about that?

C12:  (BIG sigh)  “Date & time.  Date & time.  Date & time.”  (Are they MIMICKING us?? Lol.)  It is VERY multi-layered, and yes you have to have these alignments & the full moon & the shift of the planets & the magnetic pull.  And it all happens for a purpose, but coming from your 3rdDimensional experience…we are telling you, shake off “time” & dates & don’t worry.  It’s going to happen, irregardless.

SH:  The word “shift”… was does that even signify?  Because I believe that consciousness hasmade the shift a “balance”… do you see that, as well?

C12:  It’s an emergence.  It is the new Emergence.

SH:  And the planet herself has already incarnated into her next…

C12:  Yeah… Yes … she’s … she’s….oh, it’s hard to come down here… hold on… We don’t deal with “past” & “future”, so…. Hold on….(searching……..)     OK.  We’ll make a deal.  Take your dates that you feel are significant.  And your events that you feel are significant, and concentrate your energy then.  Because that just builds & adds to that, and then that can satisfy that part of you that needs that.  But where we speak to you from, there is no significance to that whatsoever.  But we underst—we are TRYING to understand.  It’s a frustration for us as well!

SH:  But it wouldn’t hurt to concentrate energies on those days…

C12:  No, it never does… but concentrate your energies AROUND that day, too.

Kaela asks next about all the “earthly” things we still have to think about… knowing it’s not something to –so to speak, WORRY about—but we still have questions about things like the money…the houses…etc.

C12:  Kaela, listen to me.

(ok, so Suzanne sits forward here all of a sudden, & sort of “gets in Kaela’s face”  !!!  Kinda freaky to see someone “staring” very pointedly at someone else to emphasize a point, WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED!!!  Lol)

You give energy to that worry.  And that worry persists.  And I’m going to tell you, while you are still in this 3 dimensional  experience—and not just to you, I’m not singling you out—that you do still need to keep a roof over your head, and feed your children, & clothe your family, & have your jobs, that you may or may not be happy with.  And they are important & you need to do whatever you need to do to keep that balance.  Do not throw everything away just yet. Because there’s still a need for those.  But you do what you need to do, and ONLY give it as much energy as it needs to be a reality in your existence.  And what I can tell you is IT’S SO CLOSE, just hold on a little bit longer… in “time” (big grin) …& you will see that.  But don’t fret, & don’t worry where the next “whatever’s” coming from to satisfy the need.  Truly do not.  Because the more you worry about it, the bigger the problem gets.  And we would like to alleviate your beautiful heart, and those of the group, and those of every single soul walking the planet… They’re not all ready to hear it.  But when you become your bigger, truer SELF, you’re aware of this.  So let go, and be at peace.  Maintain what you need to maintain for right now… and don’t feel bad about that.  You’re not… prolonging this experience…it’s gonna change.  And you’re gonna know, as these dramatic events unfold—as they are NOW… and you’re in a support network of like-minded souls who can help remind you of where the true value of your energy lies.

Sherri asked here if the Council would be willing to give a keyword for Suzanne to use to access them when she wanted to.

C12:  Crystal Grid.  And we would like to add that any practitioner can use this keyword.

SH:  Wow!  That’s more than I bargained for!  THANK YOU. 

Kaela asked next about hoping for an opportunity to contact the Council again later that day, & the Council shared with us that we don’t necessarily need a CLIENT to access them…

C12: You can have the opportunity anytime you wish… With a client, without a client, with any member of this group… everybody is so unique in how they access this information… yet it’s essentially the same information.  So don’t force anything, just allow it… & if it’s right, it will unfold.

SH:  Any parting message for Suzanne, this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL “vessel” you’ve been speaking through today?

C12:  She is a reflection of you.  And you, Kaela.  And everybody that shows the… difficult journey on this planet right now.  And where she asked to be COMPLETELY out of the picture for this… “time”, we’ve kept her here to a degree… she’s a little disappointed I think… but it’s important to hear.  And so we just say… we say to ALL… continue being LOVE.

SH:  It’s that simple, isn’t it?

C12:  It is.

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