Be the Master Creator of Your Destiny ~ A God & Jesus Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK


March 3rd, 2013

Jesus and God

[Hello my friends!] Hello Suzy dear. We want to share this message with you.

More and more, the intentions of the light workers are opening portals to the fifth dimension.

First imagine love and then feel love. Do this with any desired outcome that benefits the greater good for you and humanity. In this process you will be the Master Creator of your destiny.

No longer is the need to suffer required for the releasing of karma. This aspect of third dimensional life (suffering) has gone its path as a tool to give the full spectrum of human emotion. 

Those who know that they have the choice in shaping their reality will welcome this update. Those who believe their reality is shaped for them, will still experience struggle but even that will be in a more gentle form; as is the belief of duality.

You, of the Earth, are in the energy of self creation now. Eliminate your past belief of being separate from Us. The truth is and always was that each soul in this universe is of God origin. No exceptions. Be the God & Goddess you came here to be. We love each and every one. [Thank you God & Jesus.] 


*A note from Suzanne~ This topic of the end of suffering is not new to my messages or to my client’s experiences in their QHHT sessions. Here is another TAUK message of mine where this is examined.




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