A QHHT Journey with an Ascended Being ~ A QHHT Session Given By Suzanne Spooner


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This Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session was with an old friend of mine. He’s a super nice business man and great family man. I’m very grateful that he has allowed me to share his QHHT journey with you. His QHHT experience was fascinating to me because of his ebb and flow from life on earth to back to the courtyard, fountain and Hall of Records and back into another life again. The purple type was what he told me as he was hypnotized,  witnessing these lives. The bold type is for the information his High Self (HS) gave pertaining to these experiences. You’ll note the different levels of information through the eyes of my client, his past life persona and his High Self. To learn more about QHHT and how you can have this magical journey through your consciousness, please visit HERE

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Suzanne 🙂

1st past life ~ He started off as a wealthy banker wearing a top hat but not connected to family or friends, just being a business man. He took a boat out on a journey with others but the boat was wrecked and he made it to the shore of a small island. He didn’t think anyone else survived. He was alone on the island for several years, he thought. Finally some natives arrived and killed him. 

I drifted him, after the scene of his death to the spirit side to find out about his lessons and purpose. He was to learn self sufficiency and to have a time of reflection about how he wasn’t connected to others in his time as a banker. He held no animosity towards those that killed him. They were protecting something they thought he would find and there was no way to communicate with the natives. 

His High Self said about this life;

He was to learn self sufficiency and to have a time of reflection about how he wasn’t connected to others in his time as a banker. His HS said as the banker, he was selfish and he was put on the island to reflect and understand why you needed others in your life. 

I asked him how it “felt” on the spirit side (I love asking this question!) He said it was bright all around, he didn’t have a body and was floating. He mentioned he was moving towards a building. I asked if he wanted to explore it. He said yes!  Once there he described this building as having pillars and a lot of stairs leading up to it. Then he found a beautiful courtyard where everything was bright white, yellow and orange. He seemed surprised that he saw others with bodies and that an old man had noticed him. The old man seemed fit, bald with a beard and wearing a toga or robe. The old man had a necklace with a medallion of the sun on it. My client said he couldn’t “talk” to the old man. I suggested that even though they weren’t verbally communicating like he was used to, that my client could easily understand what the old man wanted him to know. This worked well! He found out that he and the old man had been friends a long time. They left the courtyard and went into a library. There were shelves forever and he couldn’t see the tops of them or the ends of them! I asked about the books and he says they are different sizes, colors, shapes ~ some thick, some thin. Some had writing on the spines some had symbols. He notes he is surprised, that this wasn’t what he had expected to see. They are walking down the aisle, towards a very bright light that eventually surround them both with the light. My client sees he has a silver ring on with a red stone. The old man tells him it’s a reminder of his purpose or goal. He is told he must figure that purpose out. The Source of the light is God and my client has to figure out what to do next. He says he feels like he needs to go somewhere, do something, help someone or something. He decides to go back to earth and that he needs to go back to protect someone/something. 

His HS said this was his perspective, his representation of what is “in between” lives. 

My client made the decision to go back and notices that he is falling, drifting downward away from the old man. 

2nd past life ~He’s in a cave and a jungle, no clothes and he’s hairy… His family is “a female” and their 2 children. He is there to protect his family, his babies. On an important day he sees a leopard eating his family. He tried to protect his family but gets killed by the leopard too. Once back on the spirit side he learns he was a monkey!  He learns, you can’t always succeed in your mission, to love others and to provide. The purpose was to learn to fail so that you can grow from that experience. 

The HS said the monkey life taught him about failure. That he had learned about failure before in the terms of financial, material but to learn failure in protecting loved ones was new to him. This was particularly a tough life for him to see and back on the spirit side he wanted to take a break from being in a physical body. 

Back again on the spirit side, he sees his friend and is joined by a native indian woman. She is a teacher to him too and is disappointed that he didn’t protect his babies. The old man though smiles and supports him. The two teachers encourage him to choose his next life. He doesn’t want to go back but wants to learn. They take him back to the library to learn about life through looking at the books. This keeps him learning but gives him a break of being in the physical. He picks a ‘random’ book about history of a peoples sacrifices for each other. They had no hope and still they watched out for each other. They knew something terrible was going to happen to them as a group but they all wanted to stay together, to “go out” together. They were all killed by a volcano. They all came “up” together, it was an experiment and they were suppose to stick together and they succeeded and now they teach others. My client decides he wants to teach others. 

By looking through these books he feels and experiences everything that the people in the book felt and experienced (like watching a movie with all the sensory). I asked if he was imprinted with their experiences and he says yes, I can take it with me. He looks at a life underwater as a fish and how the sea creatures, the sea all work together. He learns about the natural cycle of life. He learns to follow his instincts, to follow his natural flow of the cycle. He reads about a man in the wild west. He killed others but he changed and learned to love others. He failed in his purpose. He was suppose to save people not kill them. His time wasn’t spent in vain because others learned from his experience, like my client reading this book & perhaps us reading this post! 

His HS says they are his guidance. It was pointed out though that my client was also a great teacher to them. That they learned from his experiences. His HS said that he rarely has taken credit of being a teacher and that the present life is to do just that! The HS explained that the library books were of others lives and that while he learned from them it still wasn’t the same of having them yourself (much like Dolores Cannon explains about imprint lives). He read about an aspect of those lives and then he would go in and experience it in a life of his own. The book life was like a primer to the real life and gave him a break from the physical. 

He finally decided to return to a body again. He has to face & conquer fear next. I ask if he knows how these lessons will be set up and he says no, that he’s not allowed to know. He’s floating back down again to a prairie and is a native american indian boy. His father is a leader but shames the family and the tribe which in turn shuns the son (my client). He’s allowed to stay in the tribe but must do women’s work not hunting like he was being groomed to do before the issue with his father. He never stops loving his father and forgives him. He protects his mother and sister against an invasion. They escape and he is killed. 

His HS explains that his life as a shunned hunter was to teach him about expectations and forgiveness of his father. He believed that his purpose in that life was to be a great hunter, like his father had been. His purpose was to learn to face fear. His SC said he passed that test!

Back on the spirit side he learns that he succeeded! Although his life wasn’t what he had hoped, he learned that the things we desire in the life may not be what you are meant to achieve. He moves back to the courtyard with the library. Now the colors are sharper, brighter. He deduces this change is caused because his soul is learning more! More friends arrive and are surrounding the fountain in the courtyard. Along with the friends he sees another presence above all of them, looking down on them. The presence is very old and wise and he realizes his friends and this presence are a team. The group starts to float up and are holding hands, spinning in a circle, moving up! Now it is just bright white and it’s just my client there. He feels huge and is everywhere! He can feel hate, love, joy, everything at the same time! 

The HS says the friends he saw at the fountain are his soul group, his team. The form of the face that they saw looking down on them was The Great One, The Source. Every soul derived from that Source. The goal is to go back to that Source and we do that by learning and experiencing. He was shown that scene at the fountain of his team floating up to show that his team has ascended, they have reached their goal. And from this point he went everywhere, he was part of everything. 

At some point he decided he could help others here. He had accomplished his goal but he decided to come back and to help others, this is his current life! His HS said that many have already ascended, gone back to Source but have returned to help others go back to the Source. This is his journey now and he can fulfill this mission just by connecting to those who are open minded and to give them his knowledge. This could be given as easily as telling a story of one of his lives he was shown. He didn’t have to say it was a past life, just a story he wanted to share. His HS said many are here now to do work like this because earth has completed her mission.

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