Matt and the Elohim Come Back for a Second QHHT Session by Suzanne Spooner


Elohim-Angel-webHi Everyone! Last year I blogged on a QHHT session I had with my client/friend Matt. He went to the Council of the Elohim (those who speak for God) and we had a fascinating conversation. You can read that post here:

I invited him back for a second session that we had very recently. Again, he went back to the “Big Head” or the one who spoke for the Elohim.
It was so lovely to hear the tone in his voice shift when that part of him started to come through.
Again, Matt has given his kind permission to blog about his session and use his real first name! Thanks Matt! Much was discussed and I’ll add more soon but wanted to share this you. It started with a question he had about climate change and evolved into many other thoughts.


(S) Matt has read in certain spiritual circles that climate change is necessary for the advancement of the Earth. Is that true? 

(M) Yes. There’s a few different things going on. And there is a density; a thick density that will continue to exist and experience and be experienced by the frequency called “climate change”.  There is an energy that produces; propels other energy into a higher density. A looser density, a higher frequency. And so there will be both. There will be a split of … If you look at climate change like an explosion. There is the energy that is released and then there is the dense matter that is retained. Climate change is facilitating that split. 

So everything is going according to plan then?

Yes. There are going to be bumps in the road. 

He says that it is hard for him to comprehend that in just the past 100 years we’ve done so much damage to the planet it could greatly harm it. From your perspective what do you have to say about that?

I am where that perspective came from. The surface abuse that is happening to Gaia is minuscule when compared to the totality of what Gaia is. But it is abuse and that abuse carries a frequency. And those wanting to stay in that frequency (in the abuse) will have the opportunity to stay in that frequency. And those who don’t want to stay in that frequency will have the opportunity to not. And there is a higher frequency than that and higher than that and higher than that frequency. 

Is this like the two earths that Dolores Cannon Talked about? Those who stay and those who don’t?

You betcha! (giggles) 

And from your perspective, those two halves or two wholes, the differences between the two are what?

One is a repeat or a re-do and one is an evolution. 

Is one physical and one not? Are they both physical?

One is physical and one is a different kind of physical. There are physical aspects but they are not the physical aspects that you are talking about. 

Ok. So if there were two people and one chose to be in one world and the other person chose to be in the other world, would they be aware of each other?

No. Not like you’re asking. It would be a choice to go to one and densify or go to the other and crystalize. Those that can go between the two would be aware but those in the denser world would not be aware of the other. The veil will thicken. 

Oh! Tell us about that!

It will be much like it is now but there will be two…. (searching for words)

(Matt speaking as himself) Ok. I’m getting a visual. What I’m seeing is it is a lot like it is now. There are people (spirit) that are aware of us (in physical form)and others that are not aware of them (spirit) and can go back and forth (spirit) but we can’t (in the physical form). It’s going to be a lot like that. Because of the inherent law of love there is going to be a place of relative love for the dense and the crystalized to be loved and be in that love. I’m seeing layers and layers of frequency. 

It’s such an interesting concept. We talk about the veil thinning and to say it is thickening..

No, not like you are thinking. Imagine a nazi who became aware of the holocaust for the first time. The utter denial of that which he thought was beautiful and right. But now he is being made forced to see the worst atrocity of what could ever be had. And what that denial and what that fear would do to someone to the point that they may not accept it as truth. That person chose to thicken his veil towards the truth. There are going to be instances, frequencies that will become afraid of that truth so much so that they will thicken their own veil. Those pieces of the density will repeat. It will be a different dimension. It won’t fit into this energy anymore.

Do you see that happening in the time frame of Matt’s physical life; the split between the two worlds?

Yeah. The transition is happening now. 

Can you give us an understanding of who you speak as?

The Elohim. I am speaking as the one who speaks to you. I’m speaking as the one who speaks to the breath of creation. You have to know that the presence that is here right now is incredible. It is very much making sure that I tell you this presence is for you, a part of you as it is for him. This connection to the Source cannot be broken. Maybe denied but never broken. You are a sister soul to him. 

We are so lucky to use this process of QHHT to tap into this energy and gain or remember this information. Thank you.

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  1. Another Gem, clear as mud, but the vail s coming down. Thank you both. ❤

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