A Cosmic Chat with the High Self ~ A QHHT Session by Suzanne Spooner



Hi Everyone!

I am so blessed to have sweet friends that allow me to share their QHHT sessions with you. Sheree kindly volunteered to be a guest with me on the Great Day morning news show and share a bit about her first session that took place with me 14 months ago. We had talked about doing another session to catch up with her very chatty and sweet High Self. It was scheduled a ways out when I had a late cancellation the very next day after the TV show…No coincidences. 😉

After she viewed another amazing life (she thought was in the 1940’s), and answered all of her questions she came to the session with,  I started a lovely chat or interview of her High Self. It felt a little like a 60 Minutes interview but on a cosmic level. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks go to Sheree for allowing me to share this and to use her name. She rocks! 

On Concurrent Lives:

spock chess board

HS: You talk in years and sequential’s, we don’t. It’s a way of giving framework to a language for you. For us, years are meaningless. She referenced that (Star Trek) Spock chess game earlier. That is life: How it goes and works—not quite so linear as you perceive. It’s multi-dimensional and multi-simultaneous. It’s not like we’ve lived through the 40’s and now we move to the 50’s. We may instead move to the 1800’s or to the time of Christ. It’s all in one pot.

S: That gives us so much more opportunity to us in perception.

HS: It sure takes away a lot of crap too, doesn’t it?

S: She was getting a little hung up in that life because as we journeyed through it kept feeling like the same year to her.

HS: That actually is part of the awakening. You saw that it hung her up. She saw herself getting older but it felt like it was still the same year. So how could that be? And so you try to find explanation for it,  but the search for an explanation is deflecting you from the real thing. So what if it’s the same year? What are you learning? How are you growing? What is love?? Time is an illusion.

Update on The Shift:

S: From your perspective how is the earth and humanity dealing with the shift we are involved in?

HS: Oh! It’s exciting! There are…We have disagreement on this. I am in the camp that says there are forces of evil. I am concerned, not scared, but concerned about them. There are destructive energies that we need to worry about…NOT worry about, “worry” is nonproductive. We need to “manage” is a better word. They’ve begun to manifest in your world with modern headline news from man’s tampering with things that are not his realm. The deliberate ending of human life—which has happened on earth for so long— is disconcerting, even on this realm. That said, the Good News is that everywhere there is an awakening happening and it is undeniable. Some think of the shift being in that “work” is now less centered in high rise buildings and corporations, and is becoming more about working remote or from home. The New Economy, if you will. That isn’t simply an economy. It is the beginning of the demise of the actual corporation and the actual corporate structure. That is just “stuff” that man made anyway. What remains to be seen is how it is played out. This opinion is not shared by all, I do not speak for the entire community of High Selves.

How Does the Community of High Selves Work?

hula hoop

S: So from your vantage point with all of the High Selves, how do you work in community together and/or apart?

HS: It’s interesting because we have levels, not unlike the description she gave of Spock’s chessboard. We have that too. But it’s not tiers of higher rank. It’s depth of knowledge and knowing. Frankly put, in our world just as in yours, we each have our own strengths and aptitudes and unmet potential. And we’re still working on it too, isn’t that a beautiful thing? We aspire to become as highly evolved as possible.

S: So where do you go to seek knowledge and answers?

HS: We have one another. Even though we don’t have “tiers” the things that I have to work on, I can work with another Higher Self in that regard. Our counsel isn’t one on one, like you are doing with her. Ours is a communal setting, a big mass rave! A big after hours dance party. It’s not verbal like this conversation is; it’s energetic. So, my energy that needs to be worked on is over here gyrating and attracts the attention of that energy over there to bring me what I am lacking. They perform in tandem. Think of it like hula hoop dancers on your plane. Think of a woman with a hula hoop on each appendage and she’s twirling each of them. It’s like that!

The High Self ‘s Connection to God:

S: What is it like when you commune with Source or God or whatever name you put to that energy?

HS: It feels like a fueling station; unlike the hula hoop scene, it’s calmer. It’s one way, a receiving way. And it’s like Starship Enterprise. I don’t watch it on TV but I’m familiar with the concept. (LOL) That “thing” has to get fuel from somewhere and I’m assuming something else has to come out and fuel it. It’s like that. It’s not something you ask for, you don’t need to ask. It’s something Source sees and supplies. It’s the only way to fly! 🙂

One More Question on Concurrent Lives:

S: Can I ask out of curiosity, the concurrent lives, do you see different aspects of “Sheree” in different places going through lives at once or do you stay fully focused on the aspect of Sheree?

HS: The life of Sheree is all about “her”. She drives that bus, I don’t. She is the “she” that called me for this conversation. All the “she’s” are operating concurrently on one plane. They aren’t all talking to me at one time.

S: It’s really nice for us to be coming out of the fog that we came into our lives forgetting.

HS: We say it is mission critical! I am the guardian, I have a fuel ship I use and I am the fuel ship to her. Remember she asked how to access me. I often provide fuel before I’m asked, but some things I need to be asked for.

S: Because of free will?

HS: Yes. It would be wrong for me to impose. I have to be accessible and available. For humans, there are times of utter sadness. It makes me distraught just energizing with that. So for those moments we appear in order to re-fuel that tank. (The moments of Divine intervention). I am the guardian, she is my charge.

Update on the General Cosmos:


S: How are things looking out in the cosmos, beside here on earth?

HS: We’ve been having a lot of rain too, let me tell ya! (Giggles) You know I’m pulling your leg. We have some of the same things but not war or disagreements. It’s lighter. We don’t have the physical bodies and that’s a relief…. There are nice things about physical bodies, I guess. Sex is nice! (Giggles)

S: Sex and food..It’s a good earth thing, isn’t it?

HS: Exactly. But we also don’t have addictions. It’s all in balance.



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