A Dog, a Friend, and a Touching Message ~ A TAUK Message from Lady; a Recently Departed Canine Companion

lady the dog

Hi Everyone,

A friend asked me to receive a TAUK message from his recently departed dog. He has allowed me to share this heart felt and philosophical message with you. I hope that this shows how multi-faceted our four leg friends are and how infinite a soul is. Lady passed away while my friends were on a beautiful tropical holiday. His wife Veronica has felt bad about the fact they were not with Lady when she passed. 

Hi Dad!

I love you bigger than you can imagine. I hope you can feel me sitting next to you. The only difference to how my life is now (on the spirit side) is that I can be anywhere. 

I sit in the car with you and go with you to the office. My departure from my earthly body was timed perfectly so that you could be surrounded by paradise and family. Please do not worry that you were not with me because you were in your energy. I am a very old soul and liked how I planned my last life to be with you. You are the reason I loved my life so much. 

I have taken many forms in my life experiences. I have been animals, energy and human. All of these experiences assist my soul growth. God is always with each soul and being an animal is no different in that experience than being an archangel. 

You and Veronica are soul mates. There is nothing for her to be sorry for. Nothing in life is happenstance. It can appear that way and that gives the experience of regret or sorrow. Those are human feelings in which to expand your souls growth. You expand the soul with these feelings by the opposite feeling of self forgiveness and self love. That is the elixir of the human experience. Love and forgiveness.

Being a dog was a remarkably happy experience for my soul. I had my needs met. I didn’t hold on to sadness. I always loved my people. I especially loved my pet-mates. They know I am still with all of you. And now I am in council to incarnate again! The council wants you to know I am infinite, as is each soul. My next form is undecided but an aspect of me will always be Lady and will always be with you. Buds are buds. 

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5 Comments on “A Dog, a Friend, and a Touching Message ~ A TAUK Message from Lady; a Recently Departed Canine Companion

  1. Last Summer I was lying down in the garden reading and felt pressure upon my back as if my dog had lay down next to me. It sent a tingle through me. This story reminded me of that. They are precious little souls and with us for just a short time but teach us so much about joy and living in the moment. Thank you Suzanne

  2. This is very sweet and reassuring about our pets. I certainly miss mine little companion . Now I will think of her as being with me! Thanks. 💓M

    Sent from Surface

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