A Simple Meditation Given by the High Self and Preview of a Chat with the Ego ~ A QHHT Session Story by Suzanne Spooner

love girl

Hi Everyone!

Oh, I wish you had ALL been in my office with me this week! I had the honor to give a session to Paula, another QHHT practitioner. She has allowed me to use her name and share this with you. Her High Self (HS) gave this beautiful meditation so that she could more easily stay connected to it. It then said I could use it, share it, let others benefit from the frequency of the beautiful words. Her HS was particularly excited to have all of you receive it! <3 It recommended saying this poem or meditation out loud for maximum effectiveness.

Right after this her HS and I were chatting about the Ego. I tried something I’ve never done before and asked to speak with her Ego!! Not her awake-conscious state just her Ego!! It worked!!  :p She has given permission to blog on that, it was a 20 minute interview that was stunning in the absolute beauty of what the Ego truly is. It also had some deliciously snarky comments, one liners, that were a riot! The ego is what it is!! We might turn it into a YouTube clip just so people can actually hear the conversation. At one point I asked the Ego what it’s take was on negative self-talk. It unhesitatingly said, “I love it! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!” LOL! That seems so inappropriate but it then so beautifully explains how it can actually assist us to love ourselves more. I hope to have this part posted soon. Much Love, Suz <3

I AM Love 

I AM a soul.

I AM a spirit. 

I AM light that is loved always.

No matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter who I meet with, I know I am loved. 

I AM cared for.

I share my light.

I AM on the right path.

I love myself.

I take myself with tremendous love and caring forward and remember who I AM; for I AM God.

I AM love.

I AM light.

With all of these inside of me, I heal myself. I heal my body; the outside, the visible. I heal the internals; the bones the organs. I heal my spirit to continue giving love and light. 

I help activate my DNA to help my body to change to crystalline.

I AM light.

I AM love.

I AM. So be it.  

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