Ancient Songs, Life on a Spaceship and an Earth Update ~ A QHHT Session Given by Suzanne Spooner


Hi Everyone,

My Client Maria has kindly giver her permission to share her name and QHHT session story with you. The hypnosis session started out by her singing in an ancient  indian language of the first past life she visited! She mentioned that it could have been Mayan or Aztec. After she sang she was able to translate the meaning of the song. In this case, it was giving thanks for a successful harvest. She sang again, at the end of the life after she had crossed over to the spirit side. This time the song was longer and more pronounced. She told me it was a song she would sing to her daughter in the past life. It’s a moment like THAT that demonstrates how we carry more knowledge with us than we can imagine. You can listen here:


Life on a Spaceship

This session only got better! When she was on the spirit side, I asked her to reflect on the Indian life. After she gave her purpose and lessons; to pass knowledge on to the children (both in the past life and current), I asked what she felt like she would do next. She says, rather blasé, “I think I’ll go on a spaceship.” Well, sure! why not!!  😀 

She is now telling me what her form is like. She says it’s a blob! She says it’s grey, formless but can take form if she wants. She then gives an analogy that it is like a glass of water but without the glass. Her job on the ship is to go to planets that have been destroyed to collect samples and find out what caused the deterioration of the planet. She works with her team on the ship.

Maria (the blob being) says that she currently is in another galaxy out side of the Milky Way. Her ship can move with the speed of thought from one galaxy to another just by thinking where she wants or needs to go. 

I asked her if four other beings on the ship wanted to go to four other places, wouldn’t that get confusing? We both had a great giggle over this, I think she laughed because she understood the concept so easily. 🙂 “We all work in synch, we all work as one.” She gave another great analogy: “It’s like you’re a person. You have two arms and two legs. But if you want to go somewhere you simultaneously just go. You don’t get approval, agree or talk about it with each one of the arms or legs before you go!”  The reason her High Self wanted to show her this life on the ship was to remind her that she is very smart and so much bigger than the singular life of Maria. 

The Hierarchy of the Ship

I asked her how she or others know which planet to go to. “There are a group of “people” who tell us what needs to be done. When the list goes out of what needs to be done, then each being knows who takes what job. The ones who direct us are a group that oversee all living beings. They watch over how we adapt, grow and live on our planets. These are the Council People. They are one level above us (the blob beings). The Council People are like the principal at school. They are very good at managing strategy and they are very updated with what needs to get done and how it should be done. There is a lot of respect for them.” Is their form different than your form? “Yes. They are weirder looking.” (lol) In what way?? “They really do look like aliens!” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess! They do wear robes when they visit people. 🙂 They report to the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being is everything you see, everything you think. It’s hard to explain it’s so infinite. Everything you see, feel or experience is part of the Supreme Being. 

How the Cosmos Keeps an Eye on Earth

“We All take care of Earth (the beings throughout the cosmos). We all keep an eye on things.” But why are so many interested in what happens on earth? “Because we are watching what you do with free will (the way it is on earth). It looks as if this is the only planet that has free will. There has been talk of giving free will to other planets but I don’t know.” What is the general consensus of how the experiment of free will has gone? “It could have been better. You can lead a horse to water… I think they were thinking earth and her inhabitants would be better evolved, see, learn and recognize that something has to give. It’s coming, just not as fast as they thought.

The Cosmic Internet 

I asked if she, in another galaxy can keep tabs on earth. She says, “Oh yes. EVERYBODY knows! We are all on one page. It’s like an email that goes out to the group. We get updates! You can check in and check out! I ask her to check in and give us an update.

The Latest Planet Earth Update:

“There is a frequency change. There will be some severe weather in the world. More so in this period of time than before. Everything will be more severe for the next 3-4 years. If there are normal earthquakes, they will be stronger. It’s just the planet’s vibration that is changing. So while our vibration changes, our bodies and our planet, it shakes the core of the earth and the human. The shaking puts it back on it’s right track. It is sad because some people will not live through these changes but truly there is no death; many see death as a release.” The reason behind the increased severe weather is frequency & vibration change? “Yes. Like when you have a fever. You get the chills when the fever breaks; you re-adjust.” 

Can you foresee what the earth is like when that “fever” settles down? We will live in a higher, different frequency on earth. It will be peaceful. We will have the same values, it will be lighter. It will be more like a group think mentality. You do have free will to live how you want to live. But others will want to live like you do without war. And that group will vibrate a different frequency that creates that reality. 

Why Laughter is Important

Her High Self wanted to add that from its point of view laughter is the cure for everything. “A lot of people go through the whole day without laughing. It’s such a great cure because it elevates all the stress you have. It reminds you that everything is temporary. If you can get your mind around the fact that everything that is temporary, what more do you want? Everything is temporary. Nothing stays the same, everything changes. There is no point in going over the same thing over and over again. That is for everyone.

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