Love is Simply God in the Form of Feeling ~ A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

love girl

May 1, 2015


[Hi God.]  Hi Suzy. Today let’s discuss love and why it is misunderstood. Love is an infinite resource of energy that fuels conscious and matter. Love is only open to being a source of imagination to fuel life, experience and existence.

Love is never conditional or threatening. And especially love isn’t earned. To say that love is earned is to say one starts out being less worthy and becomes more worthy.

That isn’t what love truly does. It grows. It expands. It brings joy and happiness with it. It is the fuel that keeps the cosmos growing. Scientists would be hard pressed to measure this “fuel” but not all things can be measured by ways that are known at this time.

Your father once told you in a TAUK message that when you have a thought of love towards him, he feels and receives it even before you finish the thought. There is so much truth to that.

Now imagine how your thoughts flow through you every second of the day, awake or asleep. You are a super computer and so is everyone else. This super computer of thought is My design to categorize all thought, experience and emotion.

In the QHHT session you facilitated yesterday her High Self explained what your client called “The Cosmic Cafe”. This is a special place where a soul goes to document their life experiences and to plan out their next ones. In the cafe are helpers and guides to fascinate each plan.

There is so much to know and experience and although some in the field of duality choose to experience things that are less than love; hate, war, unkindness, hunger, desolation, they do so to have the full range of experience. That has been the way of Earth for a very long time. It is the way of other destinations in the cosmos as well, but that is for another message.

The important thing to understand is Now is the time to pay attention to the love you feel and the love you transmit in the field of life surrounding you. You have the rare and beautiful gift of free will. So explore what it is like to use your free will to love, to be kind. to be at peace. It feels so much better than to judge, hate or expect people to match your expectations. THAT is so yesterday! 🙂 Remember all you are IS love. The rest is illusion and choice.

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