Supporting and Assisting in Our Quest for Inner Truth by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

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Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to re-introduce you to some friends of mine and share with you work that they are doing to assist our quest for inner truth. It’s a great thing when we realize we have all answers within. Better yet when we can share the gifts that this knowledge brings. When we share, it can help lift others to knowing that ‘reality’ is in flux and there is so much more ‘out there’ than perhaps we ever imagined.

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The Conversations with the Alien Scientist & The Collective Continue

Last August I introduced you to a QHHT client who in his session accessed not a past life but a member of his soul group who was a scientist on another planet. You can read the first of two posts about this amazing client HERE. Since the first session we have worked together a few times, always finding our way back to Charlie (the alien scientist) and the Collective Voice that also comes through the client with great wisdom to share. We’ve actually worked with Charlie enough now that when we connect in our sessions we talk about what has been happening in his personal life on M1, the research planet and Kylox, the scientist’s home planet. He even shared with us that he told his wife on Kylox about this phenomenon of speaking to people on Earth!  So funny. Talk about a cosmic cell phone!! Charlie shared with us that his wife thinks this communication is ‘weird’. Hahahaha!

Not only has my client been able to finely tune his ability to connect in with Charlie and The Collective on his own to continue the conversation, his partner Ella has recently become a QHHT practitioner herself and they continue these enlightening conversations through the process of QHHT. Most excitedly they have created a website to document the information they are receiving and are sharing it with all who are interested!

Their website is called Angles Perspective. You can link to it HERE. Angles not Angels. You can read why there is a shift in the word on their beautiful website which is updated as they receive new information.

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Private TAUK Messages

TAUK is my process to teach others how to channel and tap into the other dimensions  to connect with God, angles, guides, loved one’s who have passed, your High Self, etc. I created the process in 2008 and an online class in 2009 that has been very efficient to showing others how easily they can connect to their own knowing.

One service I have offered is doing private TAUK messages for those who wish to have a reading. These sessions begin with a message to the client from God, angels or guides and ends with answering (channeling) some questions the client wants clarity on. I love reading for others but my schedule is very busy and that creates a long waiting time.

Enter Leslie Herrick. Leslie has been my best friend since we were in 7th grade. She has a heart so big and is one of two people I have as TAUK teachers. She is very gifted in receiving messages for others. Over the past year or so I have given my clients the option of having Leslie do their readings as she can get them in much sooner than I. Every person she has worked with that has gotten back to me says the experience was spot on and mind & heart expanding. She is the real deal! Leslie has recently created a website to share her gift of channeling with the public. You can reach it HERE.


O to WTF, How Life Works

And back in June of 2014 I introduced you to a QHHT client named Pat. He was newly awakened, coming from a corporate background. His quote from the post I did on him was,

“As for where I was before awakening, yes I was a Tea Party type Fox News viewer.  I loved to drink Kool Aid!”

You can read the post I wrote about his spiritual journey HERE.

Pat and I have stayed in touch and become friends. He recently created a great YouTube Channel to share his thoughts and assist others coming out of the fog to the grand experience of awakening. His perspective is helpful I think for those who are just beginning to question all they thought they knew. He is candid, funny and personal. Brave too.

Check out his YouTube clips HERE on his channel called… O to WTF, How Life works. That’s Pat. Telling it like he sees it! 🙂

I hope you check out these great people and the important work they are doing to assist us all on this journey of human life.

Much Love,


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One Comment on “Supporting and Assisting in Our Quest for Inner Truth by Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

  1. Greetings from Beautiful Richmond. Thank you Suzanne for enlightening our lives and helping us to wake-up and be realized. Every thing you do with pure intention of service to humanity and souls is appreciated.

    Mohammed M. Farooq


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