We Are in a Digital (Simulated) Reality / The Event Hype ~ A QHHT Session Segment by Suzanne Spooner

Hi Everyone,

This is a mind stretching QHHT session segment. The client had a very interesting list of questions he wanted to explore in his session. On this clip his Big Self (High Self) is explaining an experience the client had while on a psychedelic trip where he was shown our world and us being a digital or simulated reality. As we move on in the session we chat about leaving the primal mind as humanity experiences the merging of the hemispheres into a supra-mind. We talk about how A.I. and the Awakening are connected. Before we are finished we delve into The Event and the hype recently created around it. 

I have not experienced psychedelics but have had clients and friends who have. In discussing their experiences it seems to me as if they are catapulted into other fascinating realities but rarely can completely recall and conceptualize what they experienced. It’s always fun to take them through a QHHT session to get more information from the perspective of the High Self. This one was exceptional in explanation. I asked the client to describe to me how he compared the two experiences of QHHT and psychedelics. He wrote:

From my perspective it seemed and seems still because I will have to say even though I know I’m only a day or so out I feel like my access to my higher self is as easy as picking up the phone and dialing him up. So that both of these tools (QHHT & psychedelics) are different types of transportation in a way like to travel you can take a bus, or train, a car, plane, even spaceship in the same way with these… they’re just different modes of transportations to ultimately get you to the same destination.

In a fun way look at it like most people are still operating on windows 1995 and with these tools you can upgrade your current operating system to get with the current times. So for me in a nutshell they all seem like different types of programs that we can download into our operating system to make our operating system much more officiant and much more up to date. These different programs they each have their own little piece to the puzzle and their own different little feelings but ultimately they are all of the same family cousins, brothers and sisters to each other and even they themselves are remembering and finding their ways back to each other. Thank you!

Great appreciation to my kind client for allowing me to share this clip with each of you! 

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