QHHT Session with Susan Thomas, Her Subconscious on the Power Grid, 12/12/2, 12/21/12, and So Much More! ~ November 29, 2012

My friend and business partner, Susan Thomas had another QHHT Session last night. Susan is the friend whom I have transcribed sessions of where she was living the life of the Ancient Egyptian boy Hirsim.  We invited our friend Candace Craw-Goldman, Managing Director of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Professional Support Forum, to join us via Skype to observe and to submit questions to Susan’s subconscious (SC). I am still trying to wrap my head around the information that came through this session and am so grateful that Candace was there to ask great questions and to witness the very interesting turn this session took halfway through!! Here is the first half. The first half was amazing in its self. We received specific information about December 12th 2012, December 21st 2012,and information on a possible solar flare and loss of the power grid. And quite unexpectedly a very interesting understanding of what exactly the “Shift of Consciousness” is. I hope you enjoy this session, that it opens your eyes and more importantly your heart. We live in such amazing and wonderful times! 

For those that are new to this blog, QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is explained here. My first QHHT blog post.  The SC is the subconscious of the person, the part that has been with them through out this life and every life, ever since they came from Source. It is not the same subconscious that is described by a doctor but is the terminology of Dolores Cannon, who brought through the amazing process of QHHT. 


Solar Flares and Power Grid Interruption

(Suzanne) We have a few questions from a guest with us tonight. Is it ok to precede with those questions?(Susan’s Subconscious) Sure. (S) The first question is about solar flares, grid interruption & if you see that in the near future and if so, what should we do about that? (SC) I see them manifesting. And I see green coming off the Earth. It will not effect everybody, just some. But those that are going to go into the 4th dimension, it will not effect those. (physically, emotionally? Not sure what was meant here) (S) So do you see power outages occurring? (SC) I see that occurring, when we talk about the power surges, I see blue, I see the power current going through. And it is going to effect a lot of those. The important thing to remember is to be in harmony, be in harmony at those times so that doesn’t effect you. (S) Do you see a time frame of when this will occur? (SC) I’m getting soon, like the next 3 months. (S) Is this the occurrence we have heard about that might cause some chaos or is this something different? (SC) No, this is definitely that occurrence because those who do not understand what is going on, a lot of technical people (left brained people), people just in their daily lives won’t understand how this will effect them & especially how their world is being effected by this. Such big changes. (S) Is there anything we need to do to prepare for this? (SC) Just know that it is going to happen. There are those of us who have read or have known this would happen (light workers). We know or feel this is going to happen. We can help. We can be with those who do not understand or answer questions. Tell people if & when this happens, not to be afraid! (S) Will that be the role of the light workers? (SC) Yes, enlighten. Enlighten the world at that time. (S) While that experience is going on, I’m assuming we will not have communication, television very easily? (SC) No, we won’t here on Earth BUT if the ET’s want to broadcast, they will be able to do so at that time! (S) Oh! Ok, so let’s talk about that. If our satellites are down & we can’t get normal communication, cell phones, etc… (SC) Right, that will be effected but our galactic friends around us, they can help.  They can restore things, if need be, if they feel it’s important to do at that time. (S) Is there anything else about the solar flares or the electric grid problems you want to share with us? (SC) Just to make sure you stay in harmony with your body at that time. If you feel heat in your body, for example, just be in harmony with your surroundings.  The electrical matter, just everything, be in harmony with it. (S) What is the purpose of that big solar flare? Is it meant to stir or change or is a freak of nature? (SC) No it has several purposes. One is cleansing the electrical field that we have of debris that is in it. Another is a shift of a sort because things will be different afterwards. (S) So, how will they be different? (SC) We will not have the electrical debris that we do now that can contaminate so many things on our planet. (S) So when the power gets turned back on…. (SC) It will be cleaner! It will be a wonderful power that gets turned back on. (S) Are the power companies aware of how this change occurs? (SC) They will be standing in amazement when this comes back on! (S) O.K. so they are not even..(SC) They are not even aware what will take place. (S) With that, are there any more weather related catastrophes that will occur at this time or is it totally non-related to the grid issues? (SC) I’m not seeing any weather pattern changes, other than normal releasing of energy, that corresponds with that.



December 21st, 2012 & December 12, 2012

(S) How is it that we can make the best use out of the 12/21/12 date? (SC) Getting your body in order is a really important thing to do. Taking care of it both physically, that would include the food that you ingest; mentally, it would be a good time to prepare before then. Just talk to your subconscious self. (S) Is there anything in particular about the 12/12/12 date that we should be mindful of? (SC) I see a lot a lot of swirling going around that date, a lot of energy. The swirling around there, it’s as if you looked on top of a hurricane, that type of big energy that swirls. That what’s on 12/12/12. It’s just you are standing over it, standing in the eye of it. Like The eye of a hurricane but not an actual hurricane, just that you are in the middle of that swirling energy.  Know that is your place to be, to be inside of it. There is going to be a lot of activity going on with all the movement. Some people will walk right through it, not feeling anything. But those that are in the middle wil be comforted by it. They will be drawn into it. (S) Is 12/12/12 any different than say, the 11th or the 13th? (SC) The 11th & the 13th are cushioning the 12th. They are on each side of it and they are very aware of what is happening to the number between them. The energy of the 12th is so strong it’s like it’s squishing into the others. Like the energy of the 11th is squishing into the 10th and the same with the 13th. (S) So is the 12th like a portal opening? (SC) It’s a HUGE, HUGE portal. (S) Leading up to the 21st, what will it be like between the 12th & the 21st? (SC) Coming out of the 12th, you have people running and looking behind them saying, “what was that?”.  And they are just running down the days of the calendar and they are just running down the 13th, the 14th, the 15th. And they are looking behind them because they can’t figure out what they ran through. When they come up to the 21st, they are coming up to a wall. And those are the ones who don’t know what’s going on (the Shift) and that’s what it will feel like to them. The one’s that are enlightened and in the middle of it. It is comforting, it is warm, it is soothing to them. It is like a day they have been waiting for. It is like there is wonderful energy going around & around them. Not that they can see the energy but it is felt. And when they come out (of the 12th) it is like they are just gently… transferred out of it. Just gently landing on the next day. And it is like they just had a wonderful tune up, a wonderful experience and they are walking into the 13th, 14th just in amazement, like “oh my gosh, that is so wonderful”. And each day it is a day of beautiful gratitude and then they are seeing these crazy people run by them! Looking at them like, “didn’t you just feel that?” and you are going to be like oh my gosh yes, but it was sooo wonderful! It will be like two different types of experiences. And the calmness, the ease, relaxation that you are walking across each day. When you come to the 21st, you are helping other people who are up against the wall. They are saying, “Oh no, not again!” But you are on each side of it , creating a wonderful tunnel, welcoming people through it, if they so choose.  We will be on each side of the 21st. (S) For those who are not awakened yet, will there be a true need for them to get supplies, to get water and things  like that or is that fear? (SC) That is just fear! You know there could be a run at the grocery stores, just as if on the weather channel it says there is a storm coming. There is going to be that & there is going to be a lot of fear behind that.  but we don’t need to experience that. We can send light so that we can lift that fear so they do not have to go through the fear. we can be there, available to help them. They (higher powers) are not going to let us go through a time period with out help. (S) Thank you for that. 



QHHT of the Near Future 

(S) Let’s talk about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. Can you tell us, from your vantage point, how these sessions are going to be important as the next weeks and months go by? (SC) The veil is getting thinner & thinner! I see a base at the bottom of the veil and the top is all melting down to the base and that will just disappear. The veil will just get thinner & thinner. OK! This is great! they are showing me that this going to be like swiss cheese! (giggles) There will be big holes in the veil and pretty soon it can’t even support itself! (S) Oh, the veil?! (SC) Yes, that is how the veil is going down. And the people that will be the QHHT clients will have a much easier time. They will be able to connect to the subconscious much easier. They are going to be able to get so much information through! They will be so, so happy! Information will come flooding through. That will be the challenge, just keeping up with all the information. And some things that you may have encountered before, they may not be there. (S) Like what? (SC) Like the left-brain people that have difficulties going under, they will see a whole new side of themselves; re-wiring, DNA, will be changing and that will make it so much easier for them. (S) In the early days of QHHT clients were typically very ‘under’, somnambulistic. They wouldn’t remember anything when they woke up. Now we are seeing clients stay more awake and aware through out a session to where they can remember the past lives and conversations with their subconscious. Will that be changing any more? (SC) Yes, they will be more aware when they are under. (S) And that will mean the conscious self won’t be getting in the way of the process? (SC) Yes!




The Shift of Consciousness

(S) And that will because why?… (SC) The subconscious is able to come out quicker and easier when we are more aware and we are able to bring that forward for the people, the clients. They are able to get more in touch, closer to their subconscious than they were before and this is what will make the experience easier for them. (S) So in their waking state, would the conscious mind (Ego) be even more receded then, more than what we are use to? (SC) Not to the conscious minds delight (giggles) but yes, the conscious mind is taking a back seat! That is where it is headed for. (S) SO! Is that the shift in the consciousness we have been talking about? Is it the receding of the conscious mind (ego) and the bring forth of the High Self, the SubConscious mind to be now more in charge?(SC) YES! The conscious is going to be behind the person. I see them really hanging on back there. I see them (the conscious mind) in a gray sack behind a person. You can just let them go. You know, thank you for being with you. For doing WAY more than you needed to do! With love, I send you on. (S) So what you are saying is the shift of consciousness that we are going through is a recession of the conscious mind and a emerging of the subconscious mind or High Self? (SC) Where people are mostly working from their conscious mind (ego) and this will become such a small, small percentage and the subconscious mind will be coming through in greater percentages, greater quantities. When we need to ask questions, the SC will be there to clearly answer the questions and the conscious mind will be way, way back. (S) So is that what helps herald in or leaving duality behind? (SC) Yes, it is! It has been good as far as helping us, you know, getting us dressed, getting us to work. The conscious mind has really tried to be a friend and it’s not liking this. I see it (the conscious mind) as coming on like a shark right now. Ok, it’s not liking this at all! But with love, with love. Ok, it changed into a dolphin! Ok with love! This is where the shift will occur, with having the subconscious readily at our fingertips, incorporated into our bodies. (S) And that shift occurs both physically and energetically? (SC) Yes. (S) Is that the shift of the Earth? From the old Earth to the New Earth? (SC) It is, it is the physical shift of the Earth and our own bodies are going through the shift as well. Our bodies are going through the shift of the subconscious, will help the earhtly shift.



Three days of Darkness Update

(S) I know we have talked about this before, but are you seeing the 3 days of darkness? Anything very out of the normal. (SC) At this time we don’t want to put any fear to that. And we are going to have a lot of help from our friends of the Galactic federations, friends all around. They will do as much as they are able to do. As much as they are allowed to do. We will experience some of the shut-downs. And if we can keep our love & harmony going so the ‘experience’ will be a lot shorter, that will be our job at that time. (S) Does that coincide with the 12th, the 21st, the energy grid issues? Or is is it specifically aimed to a certain..linear marker? (SC) I am seeing 2-3 months that that will occur. (S) So if the power grid goes down and we lose communication like cell phones and the internet, tell us again about the communication we will be experiencing. (SC) During that time or afterwards? (S) Let’s first talk about during that time. (SC) There will still be communication. Telepathy will get a really nice boost at that time, there will be communicating that way. It will be hard for people that rely on electronics at that time. They will be panicky. That is where we call in our own self, our own subconscious, our own light-beings to help us. Sending them love and harmony to make this a short experience. It is necessary for some though to go through this! And they won’t know the time frame, because it will be dark. They won’t know how long this lasted.  But it will be necessary for them to go through this. Everything that they have known & are use to; it will all be gone and different. “What is happening to my world?” They will be saying.

(S) So, after that experience what will it be like? (SC) When the energy grid comes back up again, it will be a wonderful, free-flowing energy. It is brighter, more fluid, it is flowing and there is not the debris that is in it now. The energy now seems to magnetize things now and debris is attracted to it and stuck to it which isn’t good for us, for our bodies to be around. But that will all change. It will be clear & flowing. (S) If the power companies are not aware that it is going to happen or how it is going to happen, what is coming in to change it? (SC) They (the power companies) are going to think that they did something wonderful. That they flipped a magic switch or pushed a magic button and that the power just turned back on.





But that is not it at all.  And I see Obama is going to be… Obama see’s what is going to happen, he knows what is going to happen and he is getting help. I see him getting a lot of help. There are people, beings from other planets that are assisting him. (S) That work close to him? (SC) Yes, they are letting him know that this is happening and this is where the help will come from. (S) Is it like they are stepping out of their roles we normally see them in? That we normally wouldn’t have imagined they would be of that magnitude, I guess? (SC)Some will be coming down just to help for this. At that time, they may not be known. That will be an opportunity for Obama to open up a door to them. And tell the people that this is what really happened, they helped us. (S) So there will be a clear, demonstrative showing of our brother& sisterhood outside of the planet? (SC) It is an opportunity that would avail itself and it just depends on if Obama feels the time is right. (S) Ok, so a door will be open? (SC) A BIG door.



Mother Earth Update

(S) How is Mother Earth doing? Any weather concerns? (SC) There are big puffs of white, coming straight our from the earth. Like smoke from volcano’s that are still going up and releasing the last bit of negativity form the deep, deep Earth. The weather doesn’t seem to be that abnormal now, just that there will be big spurts coming from volcanos. (S) You are saying physical volcanos? (SC) Yes.

(S) Please recap how to make the best use of the 21st date? There people on one side of the date, the 22nd, and you are holding hands, forming a long line, There is also a long line, across from you, parallel to you. So you are projecting the tunnel that people can walk through. This tunnel of light & love, knowing that they will be assisted, comforted, taken care of. Anxiously awaiting to change and be a part of the change. Visualizing that and assisting them through.



A Recap

(S) And the 12/12/12 date? (SC) You want to place yourself in the middle, like the eye of the hurricane, but it isn’t a hurricane. Place your self in the middle of the energy that is swirling around you. The wonderful, comforting energy that is all around you. All kinds of changes will come into your body. Open up your heart, and just absorb it. Just Be that day. Just Be. When the day is over with, you will gently come out on the other side.

(S) Is there any other useful information that you could give that we haven’t asked about? (SC) Continue to be a light. Continue when you meet people to look them in the eye; to smile and tell them ‘hi’. Continue to be led by your heart, be the light that you are. It will be soo wonderful!

(S) Is there anything about the crystal grid activation that you would like to share with us? (SC) Right now it is coming from the middle of the Earth, Everything is in place. They have all directions covered. Not only are they covering the Earth, it extends out. It extends out connecting us on Earth to All. Earth is a very special place right now. Everything is very, very alive. The plant, animal kingdom is al very excited to help. They are all part and all have their purpose to play out. The crystal grid seems to be activating and it is pulsing. It has a pulse to it, it is very alive! (S) The crystal grids pulse must be like an energy flow, like the blood through the body? (SC)Yes, you can feel and see it. As it gets more intense, you can feel the increasing vibration. (S) Is the planet and people on track? (SC) Oh yes, all is on track. (S) Are people waking up faster now? (SC) Oh yes! It is magnificent to see. We can see all of the lights…

~From Suzanne~ I will stop right here for now. The next half of this session took quite a turn! Just as I thought we were wrapping up, a very unexpected development happened! Susan started describing lights that she ‘saw’ and a ship above where we were located. I will do my best to get this information out in the next few days! There is a lot to transcribe. 


Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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  2. Namaste Suzanne,

    With much gratitude for all your hard work .. we appreciate your contribution to mankind during this last leg of our journey. Sending Reiki blessings your way, Suzanne.
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  3. Suzanne, Susan and Candace, that was AMAZING! Thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe and share with us! Seems like exciting times are right ahead of us…
    Did anyone ever ask about Christmas 2012?? So many families will all be together … so close to 12/21/12…

  4. wow Love this detailed message. I am all in Captain Kaia is Space Cowgirl in the Universe and ready for What I came here for. Hey we all got Front row seats on Maia. Thanks Susan. Kaia

  5. thank you makes very good sense already experiencing the soft gentle strong love inside me when i tune into it

  6. Thank you all so much for this critically important work that you are doing, and for sharing it with us all! The impact that you are making is HUGE though it may not always seem so…keep up the good work!
    Sending you all much ~*~ Love~*~ and Gratitude 🙂
    Jess in SC

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you All..for your huge investment of time , energy and transcription of this valuable info!

  8. Wonderful and timely information, such a sense of comfort and a guiding light of “freshAir” as it were”~~ relax, breathe, we are truly Surfers of the Zuveya, as Jose Arguelles was telling us back in 1990

    what a ride these past 22 years have been!!

    much love, abundance, joy,
    daphna in half moon bay, ca

  9. I just started reading your blog and am so grateful to have found it! It’s helps to see that everything is going to be fine; to keep love in our hearts and be there to help others. Thank you for all your time and efforts to get the word out!

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